My wife and I began boating four years ago. We met you and your wife at the Seattle Boat Show when we purchased the guide. We have a 25-foot Maxxum cruiser and already want to step up to a larger boat with a flybridge. What I really wanted to say is thank you for all of your help in the Waggoner. I feel as you are speaking to me directly and not over my head as some mariners do. My wife and I can’t wait to full time on the boat, as on page 289 of the 2009 edition [sidebar, “The Years Came Off”] you really hit a nerve with me. We feel the same way when out on the water. It’s truly amazing. Thanks again for the help.

Mark Curry


(Blush) Thank you, Mark. From the beginning, our objective has been to write the Waggoner in a way that neither speaks down to beginning boaters nor is elementary to experienced boaters, and it appears we have succeeded. Regular, year-after-year Waggoner users include mega-yacht captains, ferry boat captains (for their private boats, not the ferries), ship pilots (once again, for their private boats, not the container ships and oil tankers they guide), and of course, highly experienced Northwest cruisers. That’s at the top end. At the beginner level, nearly everyone who buys a cruising boat is urged to get a Waggoner. We’ve heard stories of new boat owners receiving several copies from friends as gifts for the boats. It’s very satisfying to be of service to the Northwest boating community.

Bob Hale


I always tell new boaters never leave the dock without ice, duct tape and a copy of the Waggoner!

Thom Permenter
M/V Rula M

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