We dingied to Cassel Falls (Teakerne Arm) from our anchorage in the Copeland Islands on July 26, 2012.

Wish I had read updates first! Dingy dock is still up on rocks, but sort of useable.

Also visited Tracey Harbour to look for anchorage on July 17, and found that a logging operation has taken it over. Maybe still possible to find anchorage on the ‘north shore’ of Napier Bay, but would be noisy, and the whole ‘south shore’ of Napier Bay and the smaller bay to the west are full of log booms.

Logging in Napier Bay

Logging in Napier Bay, Tracey Harbour.

The last Waggoner Guide we have is 2010, so not sure if you have Tracey Harbour updated with the logging yet or not. I was hoping to get the Waggoner App for
android before we left for our month long trip, but couldn’t find it available. I noticed on your news page that it is ready for iphones/pads now, will the android version be coming out soon?

Logging in little Napier Bay

Booms and boom floats blocking off whole little Napier Bay, Tracey Harbour.

Logging in Napier Bay

Mv Sir James Douglas in Napier Bay, Tracey Harbour.

Thanks for your books, they’ve helped us out too many times to count now! This year you saved us at Forward Harbour, when we found it overstuffed at dusk on July 23rd, we read in Waggoner that you had reports of ok anchorage across Wellborne Channel from the entrance to Forward Harbour, so we checked it out.

Anchored and stern tied to the rock bluff, west of the bit of a drying shoal that sticks out from the rock bluff near the point, in the bay just south of Althorp Point. Very comfortable night, no wind, no wake, very little current, and anchor came up in the morning heavy and covered in sticky mud. A small commercial trapper joined us in the bay after dark, he anchored and swung.

Teresa Jensen


I heard about the logging at Tracey Harbour. The challenge is – will logging be there next year?

Logging camps move pretty frequently, once they have finished in an area. More and more of the logging is done miles away with the camp and boom operations near the water. We can post it but I don’t want to deter people in case the camp moves on.

I will report on the dock at Teakerne Arm when I am there on August 24th.

Also, we will try for the Android version next year once the versions settle down. The Android environment has been changing a little too much. I think things should be ok next year.


I forgot to mention my fishing info – don’t know if you include that in your updates sometimes or not? But we were salmon fishing in the dingy off James Point in Wells Passage, and caught a sea lion.

Thought it was a really big salmon I was fighting, and then I assumed the fish had finally tired out, as it started reeling in easier. As I was bringing it in, a sea lion popped up behind the line, and followed it in almost to the boat, so I reeled in super fast thinking he may steal my catch, only to realize when I got the hook to the boat that all I had caught was a little rock fish, and its head was missing (he had swallowed the hook, so was still attached).

So we figured what I had been fighting was the sea lion trying to steal the whole fish, and all he got was the head in the end. We then pulled up the downrigger, and headed to shore for a break, and watched another boat catch the same sea lion! They must have known what was going on though, and must have had the sea lion hooked as well, as we watched the sea lion splashing and fighting till he was close enough to their boat to splash the people inside!

I don’t know whether he then broke free, or they cut the line, but he stopped thrashing around and swam away. He didn’t leave the area though. I think he is conditioned to steal the catch off the lines of the fisherpeople, and was looking for more. So beware of fishing by James Point, and watch for that giant light coloured head to pop up with a blowy snort near you if you do fish there.

Teresa :–)

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