As you noted on page 229 of this year’s Guide regarding anchoring in Squirrel Cove, “At least one tough old log might still be down there….” Well, we found it!

After two beautiful days in the anchorage tucked in between the two small islands at the head of the bay (our third time in the anchorage over the years), we pulled up the anchor (on a windlass) and to our surprise (and horror) saw that our chain and anchor had somehow wrapped itself around one end of a 2ft diameter x 20 foot long, very, waterlogged log.

So, with the help of some extra lines, some kind nearby sailors in dinghy’s, a couple boathooks, and some luck we managed to free the wrapped chain and our anchor…and watch as the log sank back to the bottom. Just our luck I guess, but the log is still there!

Bob Rosain
S/V Chinook

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