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SENA SPH10 Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetOkay. Raise your hand if you take a silent pleasure watching the next couple work their way towards their slip and THEIR attempt at docking their boat. How many times do wish you had score cards to raise with a high or low score?

Then, you see that couple who makes a beautiful docking or departure from the dock with barely a word.

Wait a minute. Their lips are moving, but there is no shouting. No hand signals. Look closer. They are probably wearing headsets and make a few comments back and forth in a normal tone. Sometimes they even crack jokes or compliment each other.

Then you realize they are using headsets.

Some couples have been using headsets for years for better communication for docking and other procedures on their boat. Not only is there no shouting but voices are calm, and the communication is clear. No yelling, no emotion, just teamwork and coordination.

The SENA SPH10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom

The SENA headsets, whose roots are with headset systems for motorcyclists, seem to have taken crew communication to a new level. Using Bluetooth technology these headsets can transmit clearly over the length of most boats except the largest super yachts – beyond 900 meters.

The SENA SPH10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is water-resistant and worn around the back of your head and over the ear. They barely interfere with glasses, and you can wear a hat with the headsets. They can also be used for connecting to your smartphone for a phone call (not recommended while docking). Or, if you would like a little Vivaldi from your smartphone to accompany the docking process you can do it along with your voice communication – much better than John Philip Sousa or a heavy metal band. Fully charged they work up to 10 hours, include windscreens for the mics and recharge easily with a standard mini-USB connector. And, they are built strong and can also be used for professional use.

We have been using the SENA headsets for some months with fantastic results. As I noted above, it’s interesting to note the difference between shouting and the negative impact of a raised voice. There is a lot more jovial communication and smiles with audio directions.

As a lifelong boater, I’ll propose this question to you. What is your boat worth? How much damage can be caused by one bad docking moment? How much is your relationship worth? ALOT!

SENA SPH10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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If you have a larger crew, the system will support a third or fourth headset too. The whole family can join in with their comments while you are docking on their own headset. We haven’t tried this, but I think I will stick with two headsets for now.

I think you’ll find like I have that coordinating the operations of your boat will take a new direction. Worth it? You bet. We think you will love them and find them to be one of the best safety items for your boat. As the saying goes, the relationship you save may be your own!

‒Mark Bunzel

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  • Rob Wells

    Are these headsets “hands free” communication(fully duplexed) or is there a push-to-talk button? We have a set of Eartec TD900s that we have been using for ten+ years and they are fully duplexed, just talk back and forth. I would upgrade to these headsets if they are duplexed because of the lack of a wired headset like the ones we have now.


      Great question! Yes the headsets are fully duplexed and completely hands free (no push-to-talk).

  • Bak Olsen

    We purchased these a year ago and LOVE them. They are totally hands free and no cords. We had the Eartec before these and these are a definite upgrade. You pair them using bluetooth. Once paired, all you have to do is turn them on and start talking. The headsets are built better than the Eartec’s we had. The only negative we have had with them is: when I lean down to tie lines to a cleat, my life jacket sometimes hits the mute button and I have to tap the mute button again to communicate.

    • Rob Wells

      Thanks for the info, I will order a pair.