Trekka Round the World


by John Guzzwell

ISBN: 9780938665564

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John Guzzwell’s, Trekka Round the World, is a classic international story of Guzzwell’s circumnavigation on his 20-foot yawl Trekka. During his voyage, John leaves Trekka to crew for the Smeatons aboard Tzu Hang, and off Cape Horn, they survive a pitchpole. In the 1999 edition epilogue, Guzzwell recounts his experiences and sailing adventures since the book first appeared in the 1960s, includes a foreword by America’s renowned bluewater sailor-author Hal Roth, previously unpublished anecdotes and photographs, including his recent accomplishments in his Endangered Species, in which he competed in the 1998 Singlehanded TransPac Race.

“The stuff of dreams . . . John Guzzwell is an inspiration to all blue-water sailors.” —Matthew P. Murphy, editor, Wooden Boat
“A classic of small boat voyaging.” —Duart Snow, editor, Pacific Yachting
“Only a few offshore sailors have earned a permanent place on the pantheon of voyagers, and John Guzzwell is one of them.” —Blue Water Sailing
“Trekka’s story is an inspiration to all, she will always remain one of our finest treasures.” —Guy Mathias, Executive Director, Maritime Museum of British Columbia
“As an old salt, John Guzzwell is a really classy guy; he’s probably one-of-a-kinder. . . . He’s sort of the summa cum laude of salts.”” —Nor’westing
“Every generation has its heroes, and in the long-distance sailing world it’s people like . . . John Guzzwell.” —Hall Roth, author and Blue Water medalist