The Halibut Cookbook


by Karen Barnaby

ISBN: 9781552858608

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Halibut has become increasingly popular in fish stores and supermarkets nationwide. The firm, succulent flesh of halibut is low in fat and well suited for all cooking methods. This collection includes 120 recipes traditional favorites along with 40 new ones from award-winning author and Chef Karen Barnaby, one of North America’s leading seafood chefs. Halibut: The Cookbook surveys the culinary and natural history of the fish, and provides tips on how to choose the freshest catch at the store. Conveniently organized by meal course, Halibut includes marinades, curing instructions and different cooking methods. The recipes are easy to follow, ranging from simple dishes to elaborate meals.

About the Author: Karen has been executive chef at the acclaimed Fish House restaurant, since 1995 and found a passion for writing in Toronto with the David Wood Food Book and The David Wood Dessert Book. Since then, she has authored nine cookbooks, including The Low-Carb Gourmet, three books in The Girls Who Dish!, Pacific Passions Cookbook, Screamingly Good Food, and The Passionate Cook.

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