The Arctic to Antarctica


by Mladen Sutej

ISBN: 9780938665656

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The dramatic account of the first circumnavigation of the North and South American continents by the crew of Croatian Tern [Hrvatska Cigra], a 65-foot steel ketch built in Croatia. The yacht officially began its voyage by completing an east-west transit of the Northwest Passage-only the fifth boat to do so in a single season. (Surprisingly, near the halfway point, the ketch encountered the 27-foot Dove III on its west-east passage.) [SeeArctic Odyssey.]
From the Gulf of Alaska, Croatian Tern sailed to Vancouver, Canada where they were warmly welcomed by a large Croatian population, and where they wintered over before continuing their southbound route. Further stops on their journey included the Marquesas, Pitcairn and Easter islands, and Valparaiso, before they headed to Cape Horn and across infamous Drake Passage to Antarctica.
Told with humor and ease, The Arctic to the Antarctic is not only the account of the two-year adventure of Croatian Tern, it is also a beautiful photographic achievement with spectacular photographs, and it well documented with historical comments and footnotes.
This expedition is even the more remarkable because author Mladen Sutej envisioned the voyage, enlisted the crew, raised the funding and oversaw the building of Arctic Tern-all this while his country was still at war with Serbia.
About the author: Mladen Sutej was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1945. He graduated from the School of Engineering and Shipbuilding in Zagreb with a degree in thermodynamics and since 1975 has run his own business for the design of thermodynamic plants. In addition to Croatia, his clients have included other European countries, principally Germany.
In 1983, Sutej undertook his first major ocean voyage, crossing the Atlantic solo from east to west on his 10-meter yacht, HIR 3. For the non-stop return trip from Miami to Rijeka, Croatia he was joined by two friends.
In 1988-90, he organized an expedition to Cape Horn, successfully rounding it before completing his first circumnavigation of the world. In 1993, he founded the Croatian Offshore Yachting Club and started organizing a project called The Croatian Scientific and Sporting Arctic-Antarctic Expedition for which Croatian Tern [Hrvatska Cigra] was built. The successful completion of this voyage around the world in the longitudinal direction is the subject of Sutej’s book From the Arctic to the Antarctic-Sailing the Edges of the World to be available in the Fall of 1999.
Sutej, who has written a number of scientific and technical papers on thermodynamics, air-conditioning, and heating, is also the author of The Challenge of the Atlantic, By Yacht Around Cape Horn, and On the Edges of the World. He lives in Zagreb with his architect wife, Tatanya, and his daughter.

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