Local Knowledge The Skipper’s Reference — Tacoma to Ketchikan


Part of the Fine Edge Nautical Knowledge Series


by Kevin Monahan

ISBN: 9781932310115

Local Knowledge: A Skipper’s Reference : Tacoma To Ketchikan is available on Amazon.

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This reference guide for the pilot house is an assortment of valuable navigation tools including over 50 pages of handy distance tables between all of the major ports and anchorages for navigation planning between Tacoma and Ketchikan. It includes strategies for challenging the currents in places like Johnstone Strait and the Yucultas, conversion tables, time, distance and speed tables, weather reference data, radio procedures and frequencies, and a number of useful information resources to answer many of the questions that come up while underway. Written by Kevin Monahan, an officer in the Canadian Coast Guard, and former fisherman and delivery captain, this book provides the local knowledge to simplify navigation and safe passage from Tacoma to Ketchikan.

“A must-have reference for the skipper of any boat traveling the Inside Passage”

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