Here’s How to….Fishing Rigs


Here’s How To: Fishing Rigs

by Robert H. Campbell

ISBN: 9781571884404

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This fantastic little book is jam-packed with information that every angler needs, but don t let the size fool you. Designed to be carried along when you go fishing, this book fits easily in your tackle box or vest pocket, yet contains a huge amount of information to help you catch more fish. Dozens of illustrations show you how to rig your gear for salmon, steelhead, trout, bass, sturgeon, halibut and much, much more. Also contains a section on must-know fishing knots. Finally there is a manual that makes it easy to see how to string up your gear the way the pros do, ensuring that your next fishing adventure will be a complete success. If you have ever questioned how to rig your gear for a particular fishery, here is your answer.

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