The Final Voyage of the Princess Sophia


by Betty O’Keefe and Ian MacDonald

ISBN: 9780938665618

SKU: FEC5618
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This story explores the heroic efforts of those who answered the SOS, at first to save and later to recover the bodies of those lost. The Final Voyage of the Princess Sophia recreates the human drama that unfolded off Vanderbuilt Reef in the Lynn Canal between Skagway and Juneau, Alaska in 1918.
Seasoned writers of West Coast history and contemporary issues, O’Keefe and Macdonald tackle questions that still linger eighty years later. Was the resulting inquiry a bureaucratic whitewash? Was the real cause of the wreck “peril at sea?” With such a death toll, why was so little ever written about the sinking? Was it because, unlike the Titanic, there were no survivors of the Princess Sophia?

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