2018 Ports and Passes


by Chyna Sea Ventures



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2018 Ports and Passes Tide & Current Guide – 20th Anniversary Edition – $21.95

For the last 20 years, close to 7,000 mariners in the U.S. and British Columbia have come to rely on Ports and Passes for reliable and convenient tide and current information. Even in the day of smartphone apps and sophisticated chartplotters, readers like the convenience of being able to pick up the book and quickly look up the correct tide and current information. They realize that not all tide and current information is from reliable sources. Ports and Passes uses official government data updated every year. It is corrected for Daylight Savings Time and presented in an easy to read format.

Ports and Passes is the most complete reference guide for tide and current information along our beautiful coastline. The book is easy to use and includes the majority of the primary and secondary tide and current data stations. It includes tide and current prediction table coverage for the coastal area from Olympia, WA to Prince Rupert BC. Ports and Passes also includes information on local knowledge and other information useful to the cruising mariner.

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Dimensions 6 x 8.5 x 1.5 in