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Weego pocket battery jump starterIf you have ever encountered a dead battery on your boat or dinghy, you know how awkward

it can be to get a jump start, not to mention the hazards.

The Pocket Size Battery Jump Starter by Weego

I originally purchased the Weego because the gentleman who moors next to me had a dead battery on his boat. To start it, we had to remove the battery from my boat and lift it over to his boat. The main batteries on my boat are deep in the engine room, tough to reach and heavy. Afterward, I did a bit of research online and found the Weego. It seemed like the perfect backup to have on board.

Weego pocket battery jump starter

The afternoon it arrived, my neighbor’s truck wouldn’t start. I was just about to pull my car around and get out the jumper cables when I thought, “Why not try the Weego?”  It just seemed too small but we connected it, and the car started! I have since used it on my dinghy battery and my neighbor’s motorcycle battery.

Emergency gear at its best!

Weego for Your Boat

Weego has a video on their website, “Weego on the Water,” and it is quite amazing that something this small can actually jump start a battery.

It comes in three sizes JS6 (6000 mAh), JS12 (12,000 mAh) and JS18 (18,000 mAh). It has a long-lasting 12V lithium-ion battery that recharges in about 1.5 – 5 hours (depending on the model) and only loses 2% charge per month. It comes with jumper cables, LED flashlight, strobe light, SOS functions and a wall and car charger. It is available online at myweego.comBest Buy, and Amazon, starting at USD $79.00.

~Missy Gervais

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(Photo credits: Weego)

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