We have all heard about the shortages for paper. No, we’re not talking about toilet paper, we’re talking about other paper products produced by pulp mills like paper for printing books, wrapping paper, boxes, and other paper products. Even paper for wine bottle labels have been in short supply. The demand for boxes during the pandemic has slashed paper production across North America. And yes, the special weight, semi-gloss paper which is used to print the Waggoner Cruising Guide is also in short supply.

Printers have had to cut back on the number of products for their clients; truck delivery issues, along with weather issues have added to the bottleneck. Some pulp mills have closed in recent years, while others have shut down temporarily, adding to the challenge for paper supplies. The Catalyst Crofton pulp and paper mill in British Columbia was shut down for two weeks from November 9 until about November 24 because of ongoing logistics challenges. In early December, Canfor announced a two-week curtailment of production at Northwood Pulp in Prince George, and a minimum of four-weeks at their Taylor location. As a result of recent weather-related transportation disruptions, pulp shipments have declined, at least temporarily. Paper Excellence announced the indefinite closure of its paper mill in Powell River, after having been in business for more than a century. West Fraser’s pulp operations have not been able to ship their product due to highway, rail, and port issues and have run out of accessible storage.

We at Waggoner are striving to get as many guidebooks in boaters’ hands as possible. More than ever, boaters need the most up-to-date information before heading out for the 2022 spring/summer cruising season. Get your order in now for the latest 2022 Waggoner Cruising Guide.