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Oxygenics shower head
My boat has a regular shower head with a really sad “water saver” button. It is the third such shower head in about five years, and every time you slide the water saver button across, water shoots out the side and the back, so there is really no point in using it. And, when you turn the water saver off, the shower is stone cold, and you waste more water getting it back to the right temperature.

There had to be a better solution.

Oxygenics Shower Head

Oxyegnics Shower Head

I did some research in the RV market and found the Oxygenics shower head. The company claims it can create “a unique shower experience that is powerful and luxurious while using a lot less water.”

I was up for the challenge.

I purchased one from  for $65.00 and installed it on my boat a few months ago. (Here is the Amazon link for US boaters.)

The Best Shower Head for Your Boat

I am happy to report that this little shower head packs some punch. There is no difference in the water pressure, and it actually feels like there is more water. The water saver button doesn’t leak, and when you switch back and forth, the water temperature only falters for a moment. My boat has a 190 liter (50 US gallon) water tank, and we managed six showers and four days of dishes, a new record!

And, it might be my imagination, but the shampoo rinses from my hair a lot faster.

The company, based out of Reno, Nevada, only makes shower heads.  I like that when a company recognizes what they do best, and they stick with it. They even offer a “Never Clog Guarantee” by using Delrin, which is similar to Teflon, on all the internal components.

The only dilemma is, should I stay out an extra day or stay in the shower extra long?

~Missy Gervais

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