Planning to visit Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve this year?  If so, plan to attend one of the orientations scheduled for early March in Vancouver B.C. or Sidney B.C.  Reservations are not needed to attend the orientation sessions.

March 6that 7pm at the Library Square Conference Centre
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.

March 8that 6pm at Shaw Centre for Salish Sea
9811 Seaport Place
Sidney, B.C.

An orientation is required before entering the waters and park lands of Gwaii Haanas.  If you are unable to make the Vancouver or Sidney dates, orientations are available at the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate in Haida Gwaii. Permits are issued at the time of orientation, but you should call ahead to reserve the dates in which you plan to visit the Park.  The orientation covers the history of Gwaii Haanas as well as the procedures for visiting sites within the Park.  You do not need to reserve space for the orientation, but you do need a reservation for your Park visitation dates.

Gwaii Haanas is a magical place with 5 Watchmen sites. Watchmen greet guests and explain the historic significance of Native ruins, while walking among the fallen Haida longhouses.  The numerous standing mortuary poles at the World Heritage Site on Anthony Island (SGang Gwaay) is a highlight.  Hotspring Island is also a favorite, where boaters can relax in the soothing hot springs overlooking Juan Perez Sound, and admire the outstanding scenery.

For more information about Gwaii Haanas, see Chapter 17 on Haida Gwaii in the 2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide or go to or call the Haida Heritage Centre at 877-559-8818.