We recently cleared into Canada in Vancouver using our NEXUS. Here is what I think is an error in Waggoner.

Using the suggestions on page 16 to call in 30 minutes to 4 hours prior to leaving US waters. We called in to the NEXUS number before leaving Point Roberts. When asked for an ETA (which was about 4:30 away, we were informed that we could only call in between 30 minutes and four hours BEFORE arrival at a government dock in Canada, not before departing the US.

I may have misheard, but there wasn’t any doubt in the agent’s mind, and we had to call in again. We did so later without a problem except a long wait on hold. If no agent arrives at that your stated ETA, you are clear to proceed. Calling closer to your actual arrival time makes ETA more accurate and keeps you from having to either revise it or wait at the dock if you arrive early.

New item. We were again able to get guest moorage at the Pelican Bay Marina. Pelican Bay is just about perfect for provisioning for your cruise further north. Just tote your fruits and veggies 1/4 mile down Granville Island from the Market or take your dinghy to the temporary moorage right at the Market. What’s not to like? We’ve been able to get such moorage every time we needed it, although it does depend on one of their regulars being at sea.

Keep up the good work. We depend on Waggoner.

Capt. Fred Triggs


Thanks for the Nexus update. I will check on this. It does seem we get different Customs information every time we check and depending who we check with.

I stayed at Pelican Bay Marina last year and yes it is very convenient. It is a very nice inner-city moorage. Free ice is a nice amenity too. And who can beat Granville Island.

Thanks for the update,

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