It is a disappointment to report that the new docks at the Salt Spring Marina in Ganges are not in. It is shocking to see that there are no pilings either and a few new dock sections floating out in the bay and not attached. We were told that due to last minute complications with permits, the docks were not installed during the winter and spring. It does not appear the marina will be able to be open this season. You can find information on their website.

Moby’s Pub is open, as well as the other businesses around the Marina. The food at Moby’s is as good as ever when we stopped in late May. There is no dinghy dock for Moby’s, though it is a short walk from town. Expect the other marinas to be full for this favorite destination in the Gulf Islands.

Expect other marinas in Ganges to be full at this favorite destination in the Gulf Islands. So what are some other options for moorage at Ganges? Ganges Marina accepts reservations, and we recommend calling to book reservations well ahead of your planned arrival date. Anchorage can be taken behind the Chain Islands, however, it’s usually crowded and you’ll need to watch out for rocks. An easier anchorage can be found near and around the entrance to Walter Bay located on the southwest end of the harbour. Dock space is sometimes available at the Ganges Centennial Wharf (Grace Point facility); the Ganges Breakwater Float (below the Coast Guard station); and more likely at Ganges Kanaka Wharf (immediately north of the floating breakwater). These three facilities are managed by the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island on a first-come, first-serve basis. Anchorage in Long Harbour, which parallels Ganges Harbour, might be an additional option, but it’s a 5-mile dinghy ride to town; good anchorage is beyond the ferry dock.

If you are coming from the U.S. and need to clear Canadian Customs in Bedwell Harbour, you will notice a new larger and improved dock configuration in the shape of an open U with a lot more dock space. It is a bit startling when you first see the substantial new docks, if you have been there many times before. Note – the floatplace dock is at the West end of the U. Nice improvement.