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By popular demand, Kevin Monahan, author of Local Knowledge and Editor of the Ports and Passes Tides and Currents guide, has developed two new maps for cruising boaters, kayakers, and sportsman. The two maps are; Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands, and Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets.

Coming Soon!! Desolation Sound and Broughton Islands Planning Maps

It’s more than a map!

On the front face of each is a detailed topographic planning map and on the back are extensive distance tables and valuable local knowledge of the tides and currents for each area. Both are valuable resources when cruising these challenging and beautiful areas. “Desolation Sound and the Broughton Archipelago are two of the most popular cruising areas in the Pacific Northwest. For many, a cruise to these areas is the dream cruise of a lifetime. With our new maps you can cruise these areas while taking advantage of our expert local knowledge.” said Monahan.

The maps clearly show all the most popular towns, settlements, and waterways. The back of the map includes detailed guidance using diagrams, detailed maps and tables for managing the challenging tidal currents in Johnstone Strait, Seymour Narrows, the triple rapids of Yuculta, Gillard and Dent Rapids and others. On each map, distance tables show the mileage between more than 100 separate locations, for easy reference. Both maps are a valuable planning tool when visiting and cruising these areas.


The maps are available folded, or flat and rolled for hanging on the wall. They are 24”x36” and printed on Hop-Syn waterproof paper.

Watch www.waggonerguide.com and www.portsandpasses.com for more information.

Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands” Planning Map – 4”x9”

Broughton Islands and Mainland Inlets Planning Map – 4”x9”

Both are $18.95 for folded, flat and rolled.

The maps will be available in the US through www.WaggonerGuide.com  and in Canada throughwww.PortsandPasses.com.

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