A Theme for 2019, our 25th Anniversary Edition

Boaters love those beautiful anchorages, charming villages and new found friendships that enrich our cruising experience. Boating destinations become even more endearing when we know something about the area’s history and colorful past. How many of us have anchored near the remnants of an old cabin or wharf and wondered who it was that once lived there? Or walked through a small village asking ourselves, “what prompted people to homestead in such a remote location?”

Nautical Tales through the Eyes of the Past

Our theme for the 2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide, will help shed light on some of these special places. Readers of the Waggoner Guide will find a synopsis of 15 non-fiction books that provide an intriguing background for many of our favorite boating destinations. There’s a reason why the village of Sointula is a quiet community with a co-op grocery; a reason why the Golden Spruce on Haida Gwaii lives on; and a history that extends much deeper than we might first imagine at Ocean Falls. Most boaters are familiar with the story of the Nootka Sound Convention, but did you know that another story played out here when two Europeans were taken captive by Chief Maquinna? Or did you know that a 20th-Century prophet, called Brother XII, established his headquarters among the Gulf Islands, capturing the imagination of hundreds of people world-wide? You will find many other interesting stories from books that you will want to read before heading out on your next cruise, or take along for your quiet, at-anchor reading.

You will also find fun facts about the evolution of the Waggoner Cruising Guide over the last 25 years. How many pages were included in the first edition? What was the price? Was the first book printed in color? Who were the first advertisers? And many other interesting tidbits.  You won’t want to miss the 2019 special 25th Anniversary Edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide!

Be sure to purchase your copy of the newest Waggoner Cruising Guide on our website and at your favorite marine supply store, also available on Amazon. Check out the list of recommended guides and supplemental reading books, including books on Early Explorers and Nautical Tales of the past, most of which you can find in our bookstore. And check out our article on Putting Research to Print,