The Landon's Cruising ReportsLonesome Cove Resort, north end of San Juan Island.

After a lovely stay at Roche Harbor, we headed east along Spieden Channel, noting the adorable cabins and lovely grounds of Lonesome Cove Resort, located along the north shore of San Juan Island in Lonesome Cove.

Lonesome Cove Resort, north end of San Juan Island.

Lonesome Cove Resort, north end of San Juan Island.

Boaters can tie-up to the resort’s dock if staying in one of the cabins. The resort is a charming step back in time with an emphasis on relaxation and leaving the distractions of a busy world behind. Caution, the dock may be lively due to boat wakes and wind out of the north. Heading across San Juan Channel, we wound our way through the Wasp Islands and into Harney Channel.

Dock for Cabin Guests of Lonesome Cove Resort

Dock for cabin guests of Lonesome Cove Resort.

Boat traffic continued to pick up as we neared Shaw Island. it was a busy weekend with numerous pleasure boats coming and going from every direction; it seemed that everyone was in a hurry to get somewhere. When it gets crowded, we stay off to one side allowing room for faster boats to pass us. As we approached the north end of Lopez Island near Humphrey Head, a boat passed us on our port side, and another boat coming from the opposite direction was ready to also pass along our port side; the shoals of Humphrey Head were to our starboard (right side). In the distance, we saw a high-speed tour boat headed our way. Avoiding the boats to our port side, the tour boat kept heading directly at us going 24 knots; perhaps he doesn’t see us, we thought. We couldn’t turn to port because of other traffic, and we couldn’t turn to starboard into Humphrey Head, and we didn’t want to stop dead in the water and lose our maneuverability if he hadn’t seen us.

What to do?

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