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Le Boat Magnifique 7 in Precenicco.

From Venice, we boarded a pre-arranged taxi van to deliver us to the village of Precenicco to get set up with the Le Boat Magnifique 7. Precenicco is a Le Boat base and the starting point for our canal cruising adventure. After provisioning the galley with foodstuffs and supplies from a nearby grocery (a quick stop by the taxi van), we arrived at the base and received our canal maps and boat operation instructions from Le Boat office staff. Our 44-foot Le Boat Magnifique 7 boat had a 40-horsepower engine with a top speed of about 5 miles an hour; yes, one could run or even walk as fast as the boat could move.

Cruising the Canals in Italy Aboard the Le Boat Magnifique 7

Departing around 4:30 p.m., we motored south down the Fiume (River) Stella, stopping at a restaurant moorage facility consisting of poles along the river bank.

Cruising the canals in Italy.

The bow line and stern line are wrapped around the poles and brought back to cleats on the boat; a typical procedure used along the rivers and canals. To go ashore, a plank is placed perpendicular to the shore, extending from the boat to land – sometimes grass, and sometimes a wooden walkway or cement bulkhead. A good sense of balance is a plus when “walking the plank” ashore. Seeing that the boat was securely tied-off to the poles, we stepped ashore to enjoy a nice dinner at this beautiful location.

No extra fee for moorage is charged at dining customer locations, so it’s a nice option while touring the canals.

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