The Landon's Cruising ReportsWWII gun emplacement on Yorke Island.

 WWII gun emplacement on Yorke Island.

Landon’s Cruising Report – WWII Ruins on Yorke Island

Departing Lagoon Cove we motored through ‘The Blow Hole’ between E. Cracroft and Minstrel Islands into Chatham and Havannah Channels reaching Johnstone Strait.  Not surprising, Johnstone Strait was choppy but improved as we proceeded eastward.  Seeing that the seas had become settled, we took the opportunity to anchor for a few hours behind Yorke Island. For some time we have wanted to see the gun emplacements established on the island during WWII and this was our chance. Ruins from the period remain on the island and trails are maintained by the BC Parks to the various military sites. You might even find barbed-wire along the shoreline, which circled the island to deter an enemy attack…read more of their adventures HERE.

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