The Landon's Cruising ReportsMurals in Chemainus, BC.

Murals in Chemainus, BC.Landon’s Cruising Report – The Charm of Chemainus

From Ladysmith we continued a few miles south to our next stop, Chemainus, a tourist town known for its large murals painted on the sides of many buildings by professional artists. The murals are taken from historic photographs and research of Chemainus’ past history. For a self-guided tour, you simply follow the yellow foot-prints on the sidewalks, or you can ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the streets with a driver who provides background for some of the 46 murals and 10 sculptures throughout downtown. People come from all over the world to see these exquisite works of art. The streets of Chemainus are equally intriguing with potted flowers, lawns, and alleyways leading to public spaces and delightful cafes…read more of their adventures HERE.

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