The Landon's Cruising ReportsGoodies at the Ladysmith Town Bakery.

Goodies at the Ladysmith Town Bakery.Landon’s Cruising Report – Indulgence at Ladysmith

Today we departed Nanaimo and transited Dodd Narrows an hour before slack; the current was running at 3 knots.  We arrived early to avoid the onslaught of boats that would be transiting the Narrows at slack during this busy summer. Passing through with only one other boat, we continued our journey to Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. Ladysmith, originally called Oyster Harbour, is located on the 49th parallel, from which the town’s popular market chose its name, the 49thParallel Grocery, a local favorite.  Ladysmith was founded around 1898 by James Dunsmuir who owned the coal mines in Nanaimo, he created the town to house the families of his miners and renamed the harbour Ladysmith before the town was incorporated in 1904…read more of their adventures HERE.

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