The Landon's Cruising ReportsSunset at Vesuvius in British Columbia.

Sunset at Vesuvius in British Columbia.Landon’s Cruising Report – Discovering Vesuvius

From Chemainus, we took another short hop south, this time to the tiny village of Vesuvius located on the northwest side of Salt Spring Island. Boaters are quite familiar with the town of Ganges on the east side of the island but often overlook the more remote, quiet setting at Vesuvius on the west side. The tiny village has a number of homes along the shore with houses tucked in the hillsides above. The Vesuvius Store (a coffee shop with tasty lunch items) and the Seaside Restaurant are both within easy walking distance of the Vesuvius Public Dock, a 40-foot float….read more of their adventures HERE.

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