The Landon's Cruising ReportsBig Bay in British Columbia

 Big Bay in British Columbia

Landon’s Cruising Report – Elegant vs. Casual at Dent Island Lodge

This morning we departed Denham Bay and transited Dent Rapids at slack. The weather was clear for picture taking so we made a couple of stops in Big Bay just south of Dent Rapids. Stops included the public Stuart Island Community Dock, and the high-end Dent Island Lodge. While the Community Dock is attractive and homey, Dent Island Lodge is elegant and intimate. Both places are enjoyable, and we found happy boaters at both locations. The Community Dock has a lovely outdoor covered seating area and a small store with snack items and gifts. The large lawn overlooking the docks and views of Big Bay is like being at home on your front porch.  Boaters often overnight here to time their transit through Dent Rapids and Yuculta Rapids while enjoying the company of other boaters…read more of their adventures HERE.

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