Dear Mr. Hale:

A family member gave us the 2006 Waggoner Cruising Guide last year before we left Puget Sound for Juneau, Alaska. We had several reputable cruising guides aboard, but by the time we reached Prince Rupert we had discovered that the Waggoner Guide gave us the best, most reliable information, and we missed it in southeast Alaska. This year we purchased the 2007 Guide for ourselves as we were again headed north before sailing south in the fall. It’s our bible, a comment we hear from many other cruisers along the way.

With all of that said, we have an update and a couple of comments for you.

First, we anchored (with a permit) in False Creek for several days and really enjoyed it. However, the ferries no longer pick up passengers from anchored boats. (We got this from an Aquabus skipper; we didn’t talk to anyone at False Creek Ferries.) This is a result of the earlier problems with derelict boats anchored there and may change in the future.

One night we anchored in Percy Anchorage on the Nanaimo side of False Narrows. We thought that we were clear of the traffic. Around midnight, however, a bright light kept flashing into our cabin. I woke my husband and then went out into the cockpit and heard someone on a tug yell something about “better move” … “big logs” … “run you over” … “soon.” I started the engine, and we started moving back toward Nanaimo and closer to shore as that tug passed us towing a bunch of logs. We dropped our anchor again much closer to shore, right where our chart plotter had an anchor symbol and stayed up to watch what would happen. About an hour later the tug started slowly approaching us again. When we got it on the radar, the log rafts it was towing were almost a half a mile long. This time its lights stayed away from us as it inched past.

Finally, about the Harmony Islands. Your write-up is good. The only thing we can’t figure out is why it’s popular. It’s the toughest spot we’ve anchored so far. And everyone we’ve talked with since shares our dislike of it. Knowing what we do now, we would plan to skip it going to and from Princess Louisa Inlet. (On the way to Princess Louisa Inlet we anchored in Dark Cove. The weather was calm and we were fine, although we could hear our anchor chain scrape across the rocks occasionally.)

Thanks for your fine guide. We recommend it as a “must have” to anyone who talks with us about cruising up here.

Fair winds,
Shirlee Smith and John Forbes
s/v Solstice

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