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Order Fulfillment/Insides Sales/Customer Service Associate

Serve as the connection between the company and customers. Responsible for ensuring that customers’ orders are fulfilled in a timely and satisfactory manner. Great customer service and sales support.

Wholesale and Retail sales. Order Fulfillment. Purchasing, shipping, and receiving.
This is a 25-30 hours per week part-time and hourly position. Pay starting at $16.50 per hour, D.O.E.
Reports To – Owner of Business and/or Office Manager

Job Overview
Provide great customer service to our wholesale and retail customers. Fill orders in a timely manner, keep in touch, keep them aware of new items or sales, and other duties as assigned.

This position requires detail oriented management, efficient practices, good organization skills, customer service experience, good follow through, problem solving skills and multi-task, ability to do detailed research, ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Good written communication skills.

Should be familiar with or have the potential to learn about our company’s products and customer base. Proficiency with business software, Office products, and Quickbooks (a plus.)  Marketing skills also a plus.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Retail Order Management
• Receive Order via website store, fax, phone, email. Fill in a timely manner. Determine best shipping method. Ship orders out, preferably same day. Process orders for payment.
• Greet Walk-In Customers. Help them with their purchases. Process Payment.
Wholesale Order Management
• Receive Purchase Orders via phone, email, verbal, etc.
• Fill in timely manner, preferably same day.
• Determine best way to ship. Organize and manage delivery and/or pickup.
• Invoice.
• Manage Returns and Credit Memos.
Amazon Orders
• Receive and process Amazon Orders.
• Follow instructions on accepting orders, shipping orders, invoices, managing returns, submitting proof of deliveries, short claims, etc. Add or delete titles.
• Amazon Marketplace. Manage (add/delete) titles. Receive and process orders. Generate Invoice. Ship best way. See instructions.
Chyna Sea Ventures Order Management and Inventory Management
• Maintain CSV product inventory and monthly inventory count.
• Ship U.S. orders for CSV Invoice for shipping when needed. All orders are filled from CSV inventory.
• Ship West Marine Orders.
• Invoice.
• Manage Returns and Credit Memos.
Purchase Order and Inventory Management
• Analyze inventory and need for purchasing. Work with accounting to determine purchasing capabilities and financial concerns. Place purchase order. Enter bill when items are received.
• Verify quantities and quality before receiving products.
• Annual or bi-annual inventory count in store and warehouse.
• Maintain inventory, keep inventory organized, and warehouse clean.
• Receive and document returns from annual publications.
• Determine Reprint Runs, work with vendors for estimates, and coordinate with accounting for purchasing.
Website Store Management
• Monitor, update, delete outdated, update out-of-stock or in stock items, and add new products to website
• Maintain, change, and add coupons/discount codes on website.
Misc. Duties
• Provide sales report to manager.
• Sales support. Resolve customer issues.
• Other duties as assigned.

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