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I have two prerequisites for a cooler, it has to keep ice frozen for a minimum of four days, and it has to have wheels. I used to have a rolling cooler that tipped from end to end, but it was like a bad slinky, fun to watch but not practical. The ones that tip from front to back work the best for me because you can put a bag on top. And I prefer large wheels, so they don’t get stuck in the ruts on the dock and plastic, so they don’t rust and stain the back deck of the boat.


 Igloo MaxCold Quantum Roller Cooler

Larger coolers with wheels used to be impossible to find, but they are getting more popular. In Canada, the first place to try is Army & Navy, if they don’t have your colour downtown, try the store in New Westminster. I was searching for the 60 quart in 1980’s Bayliner Blue, but they only had gray.

I had heard from a fellow boater that they had a limited shipment at Costco, so I jumped in my car and sure enough, jackpot. Right colour with big plastic wheels. I have used it all summer and had no complaints. They also have Igloo MaxCold 70 Qt Roller Cooler, Jet Carbon/Ice Blue/White at Amazon.

I keep the cooler on the back deck, in the sun, and the ice stays frozen for five days. The secret, I have learned, is to drain the water throughout the day but not to leave the drain open as the warm air gets in and melts the ice. One final tip, I prefer a cooler without the cup-holders in the top so I can use it as a table on the dock.

~Missy Gervais

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