Hydro Clean Hull Wash’ system for boaters

Located at Campbell River’s Coast Discovery Marina is a dockside hull wash station, located on the northwest end of the marina near the entrance. To have the bottom of your hull cleaned, you simply motor between the beams into the basin, a gate is hoisted up behind the boat.  The boat is stabilized with lines and then the cleaning begins. Rotating brushes move along the hull following the natural shape of the hull to the stern and then back again until they reach the original starting point. It takes about 20 minutes for a 30-foot boat. The system is self-contained, catching particles in a catch basin so as not to contaminate the environment.
Note:  boaters with ablative bottom paint should not use the Hydro Hull Wash system. The idea behind the hydro cleaning method is to eliminate the need to paint the bottom of your boat by using this wash system on a regular basis. Perhaps we will see more of these drive-in boat wash stations as more and more constraints are put on bottom paint and the painting process.