Congratulations on the purchase, Mark.

Our trip this year went from June 28 until Aug 1 and we travelled from Gabriola Island to the top of the Broughtons, back down to Pender, then Gibsons, then Snug over to False Creek for the celebration of lights and then home.

Here are a few comments.

Overall the weather was not that good. Rain and very cool. There was a noticeable decrease in boat traffic and what traffic there was moved at much slower speeds.

I have great concern with the marina proposal for Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island . If that proposal goes through as requested there will be no anchorage left. Overall not a good situation in my opinion.

We stopped at Blind Channel. The restaurant was very good this year. Mr. Richter Sr. was out and about and looking very spry. (Much better than last year.) It was interesting to see all four generations at the marina. Once again the marina was well stocked, clean and efficiently run. A nice fireworks show on Canada Day was enjoyed by all.

Port Harvey has moved their store and barge to the inside of their main dock thus allowing space for a few more of the smaller boats. On July 2nd the marina was visited by the fifth grizzly bear of the year. It took a shotgun being fired one night to put the run on the grizzly as he was way to close to the marina and Gloria’s home.

Nothing had changed at Lagoon Cove when we were there. Still a great stop.

We tried to spend a night in Wahkana Bay however Tribune Channel, Wahkana Bay and Kwatsi Bay were all full of large amounts of debris from landslides. Wahkana Bay was nearly completely full of debris.

Echo Bay was also a nice stop. No changes to report there, however Windsong Village has reopened and there is now moorage available on that side of the bay that is totally seperate from Pierre’s. The large old wooden barge at the entrance to the bay on the windsong side is now gone. The marina was just getting started when we were there so I am not sure how they are doing.

Billy Proctors Museum continues to do well. Bill looked good and the additions to the loggers cabin built last year added to the display.

We stayed at Greenway Sound for a couple of days. The marina was closed and we were told it was going to auction. By the time you read this that may have already happened. This was very sad to see after all the work Tom and his wife have done . We took the hike along the forestry trail up to the two lakes. The trail was in good condition and maintainence had recently been done to the outhouses and the trail itself.

We went intro Drury Inlet. I have to take exception to some comments in your book with respect to the anchorage at the end of the inlet. The anchorage is very shallow and one must be mindful of the winds. If you anchor out in the deeper water ( the area showing 7 feet on the chart) and happen to line up with the saddle in the surrounding hills you can be exposed to the winds. Due to the weather we left and went to Jennis Bay. Allison was awesome, the trails and roads for walking were in good shape and it was a very pleasant stop. We also were exposed to Captain Charlie and his songs ( this was a live performance).

We also stopped at Shawl Bay. Once again a good stop. We enjoyed Lornes pancakes and the Bead Lady. Not a high end marina, but a warm friendly place.

Moore Bay was another stop. It was raining so hard that we did not go ashore, but this too is a nice stop.

Booker Lagoon. Interesting stop. They were doing some blasting at the ne end of the lagoon. We stopped and anchored in Cullen Harbour to await the tide. One should be aware there is a tremendous amount of kelp on the east side of Cullen Harbour. Make sure the anchor is set on the bottom and not in a load of kelp! Once inside Booker Lagoon it was wonderful. I agree with your comments with respect to slack water. In the time we were in there and checked the entrance it is best to say Opinions vary!

Port McNeill and the gas dock run by the Jackman family is a nice spot. The new docks are very nice and the place continues to be well run. The new breakwater is nice too! Sointula was also a stop. The extended breakwater is a much needed addition to Rough Bay. The docks are great, but they need to tell people that moorage payment is on the honour system. The moorage is cheap and they will not come around the docks to ask you need to go the office at the head of the dock. This is more or less in keeping with the attitude around the rest of the community. It is a very peaceful place with interesting shops and stores, a wonderful bakery and an interesting co op store.

Waddington Bay was another stop. NO changes to report there. We shared the anchorage with seven other boats so there was a lot of room.

Forward Harbour has nothing new to report. The lower anchorage was full so we went to the head of the inlet and anchored there. Although you may be exposed to the wind the bottom has excellent holding.

Shoal Bay was also a nice stop., Mark is still Mark. He is in the process of building a new home that will be nice when completed. He has his liquor licence (there were rumours he did not have one, but it is mounted on the wall for all to see). The garden was not doing all that well when we were there mainly because of the weather. In the morning we had a pod of orcas pass in front of the bay at 0730. It was so quiet we could hear the whales breathing when they surfaced.

We stopped in Gorge Harbour. The marina was full as was the anchorage in front of the marina so we ended up anchoring at the far end of the harbour. It was very nice and peaceful, but I am sorry I can’t report on the marina.

We also stopped in Gibsons and stayed at the Gibsons Marina. This is a nice facility within easy walking distance of lower Gibsons. We had breakfast at the Waterfront Restaurant at 442 Marine DR and that was very good.(Their corn beef hash breakfast was great!) We also stopped in at Smittys Oyster House ( the old Smittys Marina. That too was nice. (all seafood)

Nothing of any major import at Snug Cove. Still a nice stop. The marina office, showers and internet are located on a barge at the end of the gangway. Service was very good. There are lots of trails and roads to walk in the immediate area of the marina.

False Creek Harbour Authority:
Now if you want snug moorage this is the place to go. Located just past the Burrard Bridge this is the old government fishermens dock. The moorage is good, the service is good too. There is water and power on the docks and it is an easy walk to Granville Island on to one of the pickel boat ferry docks. Where the fun starts is the space between boats when docking. If you give them accurate information you will get a slip you will fit into. “Fudge” your numbers get ready to fend off!

The Celebration of Lights is an easy walk from the marina. You walk over to Vanier Park and sit in the park to watch the show. IT is basically a front row seats and the crowds were no where near as bad as they were on the other side of the creek.

All in all a great trip.

Paul Giffin

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