Waggoner is pleased to announce that RBAW’s request for State grant monies from RCO (Recreation Conservation Office) to purchase the 18-acre property of Lakebay Marina, located in Mayo Cove in South Puget Sound, has met with success. Individual boaters, yacht clubs, and other organizations that made financial donations helped make the grant award a reality through a show of community support.

RCO’s Boating Facilities Program Committee, which evaluates and scores boating projects requesting State grants, ranked the Lakebay purchase, with plans for future improvements, as the number one priority among other boating projects submitted for funding. Bob Wise, President of RBAW (Recreational Boating Association of Washington) and Hanna Blackstock, Senior Policy Analyst of DNR (Department of Natural Resources) created an excellent joint presentation for the Lakebay project to preserve and refurbish this site of historical significance.

Once the purchase-sale agreement is completed on September 30, 2021, RBAW’s Marine Parks Conservancy will deed the property over to the Department of Natural Resources. Washington State Parks may be the logical choice for future ownership.

Early-on, Waggoner joined RBAW in fund-raising efforts to purchase Lakebay Marina to preserve the site as a public boating and community destination. Our heart-felt appreciation goes out to all our fellow boaters, yacht clubs, and other organizations that generously contributed to this successful effort. Not only have you helped preserve a boating facility for future generations, but you have also helped preserve our history.

Photo of Lake Bay Pioneers, Lorenz

In the late 1800’s, Carl Lorenz constructed the original pier at Lake Bay and started building boats with the help of his sons. These steamboats delivered freight, groceries, mail, livestock, and people throughout Puget Sound and became known as the Mosquito Fleet. Half of the Mosquito Fleet boats were built or based at Lake Bay and operated for 74 years. In the late 1920’s, the Washington Co-operative Egg & Poultry Association built a warehouse at the end of the pier, now home to Lakebay Marina.

We are pleased that this important site has been preserved for generations to come for the creation of continued memories and good-times – The Waggoner Team

Food Bar at Lakebay Marina