Deciding where to purchase your fuel is a critical financial question in the Pacific Northwest and on the Inside Passage to Southeast Alaska. When you re-fuel your car, you can shop for a good fuel price quoted on a large sign on the street. Fuel prices are typically not posted for marine fuel and the options for fuel docks are more limited.

When you cruise into British Columbia fuel is priced in Liters, and priced in Canadian Dollars instead of US Dollars. In addition, you have a government tax that may or may not be included in the quoted price.

As a service to the cruising public and the customers of our cruising guides, we are providing a fuel update to give you an idea of what the current fuel prices are at the various fuel docks in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Alaska. This is to be used for comparison purposes only. The prices change day to day or are based on the last fuel delivery to a remote fuel dock. We have attempted to add in the appropriate taxes. Our calculations factor the different taxes by County in the US and the Canadian government tax in BC.

In our experience, many fuel docks offer volume discounts for large purchases. We have tried to reflect them where quoted. It is complicated because some fuel docks will also provide an additional discount for a check/cash/debit card transaction. The best recommendation for a large purchase is to call and ask for that day’s price and inquire about a cash discount where the fuel dock does not have to pay for credit card processing fees, and you do not have to pay the credit card company for currency conversion fees in BC. The amount you save could pay for a few nice dinners for you and your crew along the way!

Note: The sales tax is not always included in quoted diesel fuel price. We have added the sales tax into the price for comparison purposes. Canadian prices are shown for both Liters and adjusted to U.S. Gallons with the exchange rate and tax factored into the price for comparison purposes.

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