I am not a regular angler, and will admit I started leaving a window open on my chartplotter displaying the fishfinder screen as I cruise the Inside Passage. Why? I want to see what is going on below me, and yes, I occasionally jig in a school of salmon shown on the depthfinder.

I thought I understood my depthfinder, but I had so much more to learn.

Depthfinders: A Guide to Finding & Catching More Fish by Wayne Heinz

Depthfinders: A Guide to Finding & Catching More Fish by fishing expert Wayne Heinz, taught me quite a few things about how a depthfinder works and what information it can tell you.

  • The depthfinder gives you information about the composition of the bottom, which is very handy when anchoring. Since the information is there, why not use it. It also shows you how to see wrecks.
  • The indicated length of the arched return for a fish does not always show the size of the fish. Instead, it may be indicating the direction it is swimming.
  • The book offers quick tips like where to install your transducer, to the difference of 50 kHz and 200 kHz and when to use one or both. It also includes a buyers checklist for buying your next depthfinder.
  • Did you know that when a fish is indicated at 75’, it may actually be at 50’ based on the cone of coverage for your transducer.
  • What is CHIRP and why should you consider it on your next depthfinder?
  • While the book has good information for the cruiser, the angler has a better chance of catching fish after reading this book.

Wayne Heinz is a fishing expert. He is also a writer that takes a complicated technical subject like depthfinders and breaks it down into understandable terms. The book is a quick read with colorful illustrations and screen photos to help make clear points.

Many of us have spent a quite a bit of money on chartplotters equipped with a sophisticated depthfinders, so why not learn how to use this valuable tool? Who knows, when you see a big school of fish, you might decide to drop a line in the water and catch dinner!

―Mark Bunzel

Mark Bunzel is the Editor and Publisher of the Waggoner Cruising Guide, an annual cruising guide covering all the great marinas and anchorages in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia Coast, from Olympia to Ketchikan.

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Depthfinders: A Guide to Finding & Catching More Fish

By Wayne Heinz

Depthfinders are invaluable fishing tools, but how do you pick the right one? Color or black & white, single or dual frequency, power and transponders, monitor size – these are just a few of things you need to consider before you buy. Then how do you maximize its benefits to catch more fish?

Depthfinders is packed with all the information you need to buy, mount, use, read, and maintain your fish finder. Troubleshooting sections on noise, batteries, cables, power, software, and more. A depthfinder will help you find more fish, Depthfinders will help you catch them!

6″ x 9″
Paperback: 134 pages
ISBN 9781571885210

$16.95 – Special Price for readers for a limited time.


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