Day 8 of the Alaska Flotilla – Alert Bay

Alert Bay

Chris Carlin helping to move bald eagle from his dinghy to the dock. Check out those talons! Photo: Susan Carlin

Bald Eagle rescue! Chris and Susan Carlin, members of our Alaska flotilla, were docked at Alert Bay when a woman suddenly ran up to their boat and said, “That eagle’s drowning, we need to go rescue it!” Chris quickly dropped his dinghy in the water, and the two of them raced to where the unfortunate bird was floundering in the water, far from shore. (Bald Eagles are poor swimmers, though just yesterday we saw one catch a fish almost its own size and swim it to shore).

Eagle Rescue

Don’t try this at home! Bald Eagle wrestling. Chris Carlin in his dinghy. Photo: Susan Carlin.

The woman, from a local eagle rescue group, expertly threw a blanket over the eagle’s head and pulled it into the small dinghy with herself and Chris.Talons, beak and all. Yikes! Once ashore the exhausted bird slowly started to unfold its wings to dry and warm. Kudos to Chris and Susan for their kind and brave response, and for sharing the pictures!


Near-drowned eagle slowly spreading its wings to warm and dry. Photo: Susan Carlin.

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You can also follow the Flotilla to Alaska with Mark Bunzel on AIS. Boat Name, Sea Raven – MMSI number 367492390.

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