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Our team is out on the water and reporting as they go, providing cruisers with the most recent updates.

On-The-Water Cruising Updates for 2018

(This list will be ongoing and added as reports come in. The most recent update will be at the top of each location. You can also find updates by section in the updates tab.)

Washington State

No Discharge in Puget Sound

As of May 10th, it is illegal to discharge black water anywhere in Puget Sound by State law. The No Discharge Zone extends for all of Washington area Puget Sound waters up to the Canadian border. Technically, the law has covered all areas inside of 3 miles offshore which included most of Puget Sound. There are a few gaps in Puget Sound that are 3 miles from shore but not many. This new law is a good reminder for no discharge. Compliance means using an approved sanitation device and having through-hull valves secured with wire ties or zip ties. Coast Guard inspections already look for secure thru hull valves to comply with the Federal No Discharge policy as part of their random safety inspections. 

South & Central Puget Sound

  • Salmon Bay Marina

The Port of Seattle now owns and operates Salmon Bay Marina. Fishermen’s Terminal staff manage the marina and respond to calls and email (206-787-3395).

  • Olympia

Brand new fueling station at Swantown Marina.

New fueling station at Swantown Marina. Photo courtesy of the Port of Olympia.

  • Lake Union

Update: A water runway is noted with lighted buoys in front of MOHAI on the south end of Lake Union. Lights will flash whenever a float plane is taking off or landing on the runway running towards the center of the lake.

As of the Memorial Day Weekend, there will be a new water runway marked with lighted buoys on Lake Union. The buoys will be strung in a line north of MOHAI and the Center for Wooden Boats. They are equipped with flashing lights that can be triggered by the Kenmore Air pilots signifying a float plane is about to take off or land in the water runway area. The water runway buoys will be seasonal and in place between Memorial Day and Labor Day when it is removed for the season.



San Juan Islands

  • James Island Marine Park

Transient guest dock and pilings have been replaced and a new walkway and ramp have been added in 2018. The current that passes through remains the same.

  • San Juan, Friday Harbor

Jensen Boat Yard and Marine has been purchased by the Port of Friday Harbor; same services offered: haulout (35-ton travel lift), maintenance, and permanent moorage with some transient space during summers (360-378-4343).



British Columbia

Gulf Islands

  • Maple Bay

Birds Eye Cove Marina is currently for sale and has limited transient moorage. Fuel dock remains closed. Pump-out has been installed on the fuel dock, new for 2018.

  • Chemainus

49th Parallel Market at 3055 Oak Street makes deliveries for a small fee to the docks; call 250-246-3551.

Chemainus – Fuel Service at Jones Marine Services is closed due to a fire in early 2018; plans to permit and rebuild are in the works, anticipated to be completed for the 2020 boating season.

  • Cowichan Bay

Pier66, previously called Dungeness Marina, now offers 200 feet of transient moorage (250-748-6789), reservations accepted. Genoa Bay & Cowichan Bay – the Water Shuttle (Greylag Boat Tours/Genoa Shuttle) between Genoa and Cowichan is no longer operating; the business is currently for sale.

  • Ganges 

Salt Spring Marina breakwater dock construction has not yet started. For a variety of reasons, the new breakwater and eventual dock construction have not started. We will keep you informed as we learn more. A pump-out is conveniently located on the Breakwater/Coast Guard Dock adjacent to Kanaka Wharf

  • Silva Bay Marina

The Pub at the Silva Bay Marina is closed due to fire. This means the restaurant and deck, and the liquor store are also closed. Plans for reconstruction and re-opening are not clear at this time. The washrooms/showers are open for marina guests and there is also water available on the fuel dock. Silva Bay Resort & Marina – After running the marina for 25 years, Mark Sager has sold the marina and shipyard to Dean Chen, who represents the family shareholders. The new owners have ambitious plans to rebuild the pub/restaurant, which burned down in October 2017; they hope to break ground in January of 2019, using a modified version of the previous owner’s plan.  The marina office is open and boaters continue to arrive at Silva Bay Marina for the boating season.

  • Page’s Marina

Page’s Marina is remodeling their office to offer a small convenience store together with their well-regarded bookstore. Gloria and Ken Hatfield continue to improve and enhance this marina. 

  • Pender Island
  1. Otter Bay, North Pender Is. – Otter Bay Marina is experiencing a large volume of visitors; online reservations are highly recommended during the peak summer season. They have 4 tall Mooring Buoys that can be Transient or Long Term. They belong to Otter Bay Marina and require a reservation or a “Pop In” reservation just a slip. They do have long term moorage available this year. 12 months annual and 8 month winter moorage.
  2. Hope Bay Public Wharf, North Pender Is. – Philly’s Diner at Hope Bay has closed; a chocolate shop is a new addition at Hope Bay.
  3. Port Browning, North Pender Is. – Pub/Restaurant at Port Browning Marina open daily; the new Bistro is open on Saturdays and Sundays for Buffet Breakfast 9 am to noon and open for dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm; plans to install new docks in the fall of 2018 have been canceled.
  • Telegraph Harbour

Saturday Farmers’ Market now held at Howling Wolf Farm at the corner of Marina Dr. and Pilkey Point Rd.

  • Thetis Island Resort & Marina 

Improvements have taken place at the marina, including a new patio area, a refurbished deck for the pub, and newly painted/stained finishes on the outside of the main building. New owner, Wayne Proctor, is planning for future improvements.

Vancouver Mainland & The Sunshine Coast

  • Vancouver
  1. Vancouver City of – No transient moorage at Burrard Civic Marina for the remainder of the 2018 season due to installation of new docks.
  2. Vancouver City of – Harbour Green Dock in Coal Harbour (used for customs and short-term 3-hr. moorage) is under repair and currently closed until further notice.  Customs clearance available at Fishermen’s Wharf in False Creek; and at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club at Jericho Beach and Coal Harbour locations.
  • False Creek

Foot Ferries no longer stop to pick up passengers from boats anchored in False Creek.

  • Pender Harbour 
  1. Dan’s Grill & Greens, formerly LaVerne’s, opened mid-July 2018; serving burgers, milkshakes, fish n’ chips, and all-day breakfast; located on the isthmus between Hospital Bay and Garden Bay
  2. Seasonal Food Truck next to the Store at John Henry’s Resort & Marina (Hospital Bay)
  3. Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina (Gerrans Bay) 58 feet of hourly space for restaurant patrons; 92 feet for dinghies (shallow water); 2 slips for overnight guest stays, maximum boat size 72 feet, first-come, first-served; no showers or laundry
  4. Coho Marina (Gerrans Bay) installed new docks for 2018; transient guest moorage now available in unoccupied slips, maximum boat size 40 feet; 15amp & 30amp power, water, restrooms, showers; reservations accepted
  5. Pender Harbour Resort & Marina (formerly Duncan Resort) installed all new docks in 2018 with a new configuration; transient space in unoccupied slips, maximum boat size 50 feet; 15amp & 30amp power, water; reservations accepted, call one day ahead for slip assignment.  No VHF monitoring; cabins, campsites and swimming pool upland.
  6. LaVerne’s, between Hospital Bay and Garden Bay, will no longer be open. They lost their lease, and the building will be used for some other purpose. We will miss the milkshakes, burgers, and breakfast.

North Vancouver Island

  • Port Renfrew

Pacific Gateway Marina, now owned by Mill Bay Group. New docks for 2018 and Bridgemans Grill is housed in a new lodge-style structure.


  • Port McNeill

There is a new restaurant at the hotel across from the Ronan store called Archipelago. We are hearing good reports.

West Vancouver Island

The Ahousaht Stewardship Fund supports safety services, trail maintenance, and visitor information; you may be asked to pay a voluntary fee when anchoring, collected by the Ahous Guardian vessel, effective for 2018. Click here for more information.

  • Bamfield

The Huu-ay-aht Group of Businesses now owns the East Bamfield Public Dock, The Market & Café, and “The Motel & Pub.” Moorage is paid at The Motel. Beginning in 2018, Kiixin Tours offers a trip to the First Nation village of Kiixin, a National Historic site with significant standing house remains; email

  • Barkley Sound, (West Bamfield)

The Pacific Gateway Wilderness Lodge accepts 24-hour notice dinner reservations open to pleasure boaters; dinghy access (888-493-8933).

  • Barkley Sound, (West Bamfield)

The Bamfield Mercantile & Marine has a dinghy dock to use while shopping for groceries and other supplies at their well-stocked store.

  • Barkley Sound, Ucluelet  

The 52 Steps Dock serves as a customs clearance for West Vancouver Island, also offers ample side-tie moorage, managed by the Ucluelet Small Craft Harbour (250-726-4241).

  • Barkley Sound, Port Alberni

New fuel dock with gas and diesel and side-tie moorage when available; designated as Tyee Landing, managed by Port Alberni Port Authority (250-723-5312); fuel dock (250-730-3835). Docks accommodate sport fishing boats with a few spaces for cruising yachts; reservations accepted. Beautiful new pub and restaurant.

  • Tofino Resort & Marina

New gas dock for 2018; docks accommodate sport fishing boats with a few spaces for cruising yachts. Reservations accepted. Beautiful new pub and restaurant.

  • Marktosis

The native village of Marktosis has installed a fuel dock (gas and diesel), access best suited for smaller vessels.

  • Sooke Basin

Two floats at the east end of the boardwalk provide dinghy access for a lovely walk into town for supplies; located near the Harbour Authority Docks. Harbour Authority Docks have side-tie space for transient boats on the outside float.

  • Bull Harbour

Boaters may now tie-up at the Tlatlasikwala First Nation dock in Bull Harbour for a fee, contact the Band on Ch 6 or 16; payment instructions will be provided. The second float in mid-harbor, detached from land, is also used for moorage. No charge to anchor in the Harbour. Leave the harbor entrance clear for floatplane landings and departures. All of Hope Island is private property so visitors are not permitted to go ashore.


Johnstone Strait & The Broughtons

  • Port Harvey Marine Resort

The newly constructed store is open; pizza from the wood-burning pizza oven continues to be a special treat enjoyed by many.

  • Lagoon Cove

Improvements are continuing at Lagoon Cove Marina with a plan to replace and upgrade sections of its docks on a continued basis.

  • Potts Lagoon

Logging operations have been removed from the outer bay in Potts Lagoon.

  • Village Island

In 2018, a new floating dock (160 feet) was installed in the north cove of Village Island; tie-up is by permission, call the band office at 250-287-2955. Access to the island is $20/person. Trails have been cleared and there are plans to move a manufactured home on shore for the Watchmen. Details regarding the Watchmen Program are being developed.

  • Morgan’s Landing Retreat

The installation of new concrete docks with 600 feet of side-tie guest moorage has been completed for 2018 (family run business as in previous years).

  • Dent Island Lodge

Underwent a massive renovation over the winter. The marina is now open again and the Lodge will be open for dinner and other services after July 1. We will have an update in July after we visit the NEW Dent Island Lodge.

  • Cordero Lodge

Is not open even though there are old signs on the water declaring it is open. The previous owner died about 18 months ago and vandals damaged the docks and building. We were told a new owner has purchased the property with plans to arrive in July and begin work to open the docks and restaurant at some point. We will keep you advised.

  • Blind Channel

50 amp power is now available on their docks. The new news is more personal but still fun. Eliot Richter and Agnieszka were married on May 5. The service took place on the water in the middle of Discovery Channel. The happy couple turned right around and completed getting Blind Channel Resort ready for their summer guests. Wish them well when you stop in.

When approaching the marina from the north on Mayne Channel, note the rig in the water for the planned water power generation system. It is lit and noted on current charts. For those traveling with outdated charts and old chart chips in their chart plotters, please be on the lookout for this obstruction in the water as you approach the marina. When completed, the water generator will provide about 1/3 of the power for the marina. This is part of an overall plan to lower the power generation requirements from diesel generators and will include solar cells.


Desolation Sound & Discovery Passage

Cell phone service appears to be expanded in this area. We are not sure this is all good news since many go to Desolation Sound to get away civilization, but we noticed a marked difference in voice and data service for both Verizon and AT&T users in Desolation Sound. We even had coverage in Prideaux Haven.

  • Squirrel Cove

Squirrel Cove Trading Co. Ltd. has plans to extend their dock, work to begin in 2019; the Cove Restaurant is now licensed and open for dinner from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., hours vary off-season. The Flying Squirrel Take-out is now housed inside the Cove Restaurant and is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Take-out can be enjoyed on the restaurant deck.

  • Campbell River

In 2018, Discovery Harbour Marina is adding finger floats to “I” dock which were previously used as side-tie.

  • Discovery Passage

Seascape Waterfront Resort has completed renovations on their cabins and docks. Transient moorage available for the 2018 season.


Northern B.C. Coast

  • Ocean Falls

The “Old Bank Inn” is new for 2018, housed in the original CIBC building (formally the Ocean Falls Fishing Lodge) is a Bed & Board Guest House (250-289-9624).

  • Darke Waters

The old Darke Waters is now under new ownership as the Ocean Falls Lodge. They offer a coin laundry and meal service on a space available basis. For a home cooked meal call – 250-289-3585.

  • Shearwater

Is installing new docks on each end of the “T.” The new 200’ extensions will not have water or power. Reservations for the Marina are still highly recommended.

Note also the new food service and pub menu at Shearwater. Under Chef Roman, they will also be offering fine dining in the upstairs area. Call for reservations and more information.

Shearwater – potable water is available on the guest docks; there are two water lines for different uses; one carries potable water, and the other is for wash-down.  White hoses carry potable water, and the green hoses are for wash-down which is non-potable.  Please be sparing and sharing with the potable water (white hoses) as the water is produced locally.

  • Prince Rupert

The 2018 season has been very busy; reservations at Cow Bay Marina highly recommended. The adjacent Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club may have room, no reciprocal membership necessary. Note their new building is nearly completed.

  • Pruth Bay

Hakai Institute is still offering up to 300MB of daily WiFi usage.

  • Butedale

The dock is open but the uplands are closed. You cannot walk around the grounds or up to the lake. There is no caretaker this year. The owner of Butedale has brought in excavation equipment and clean up has started. Future plans for development and a timeline are not in place at this time.

  • Prince Rupert

The Cow Bay Marina is getting very busy. It has been discovered! We recommend a reservation for dock space. They have not turned anyone away yet, but they have days where they are already full during the 2018 season.

When we visited in late May, the new building at the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club was nearing completion with its bright red roof. It is gratifying to see the Prince Rupert waterfront developing.

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