Puget Sound, Seattle, Salish Sea

For a List of the CURRENT Closed or Open status of MARINAS, MARINE PARKS, AND BORDERS

Tolmie State Park

3 mooring buoys at this marine park. It has been reported that a sunken buoy appears at low tide and is marked by a red marker buoy. The marker is not visible at high tide.


Westcott Bay

NOTICE – Derelict Aquaculture Gear in Westcott Bay

A field of derelict aquaculture gear is reported to be located in an area south of a line between Bell Point and the existing Westcott Bay Shellfish Farm pier. The gear, including buoys, is reported to be remnants from a previous oyster farm. Some of this gear can be seen at minus tides and has the potential to foul an anchor. Discovery and pictures credit: Deane Hislop

Chittenden Locks

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will commence the first of five extended 45-day closures of the large lock chamber to replace the valve gates in the 101–year-old Chittenden Locks. The valve gates are original equipment that must be replaced to keep the Locks operational.
The projected 45-day closure periods are:
October 12, 2020 through December 3, 2020
February 12, 2021 through April 5, 2021
November 9, 2021 through November 24, 2021
For more information, contact the Seattle District Public Affairs Office: Bill Dowell at (206) 764-3464 and email william.r.dowell@usace.army.mil


25381 N, Hwy 101, Hoodsport WA. 98548
(360) 877-9522

Open all year, no power, laundry, restrooms guest showers, motel, king and Queen rooms, townhouses with full kitchens. Dock can accommodate up to 35 feet. Stay on your boat or in motel or townhouses. Guest BBQ’s, 9 Person hot tub and many other amenities. Destination for divers, Sund Rock, Octopus Hole just a mile down the road. Dive off our dock to see octopus, wolf eels, rockfish, anemones and other wildlife.

Gig Harbor

Anchoring is allowed up to 30 consecutive days; depth is consistent throughout the harbor, but shallows quickly at the west and north ends. When anchoring, avoid the areas within 50 yards of the commercial marinas that line the south shore. Two charted sewer outfall lines are in the harbor; one pipe parallels the south shore about 150-200 yards off shore and the second is about mid-harbor extending ¼ mile from the west shore. Concrete collars on these sewer lines may foul an anchor. Keeping this area clear will also maintain an adequate passage for boats transiting the harbor.


Lakebay Marina

Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW) announced plans to purchase the Lakebay Marina, near Penrose Point Marine State Park with the intent to donate it to Washington State Parks for public use. See the related article on WaggonerGuide.com.


Hood Canal

Herb Beck Marina – fuel dock is permanently closed.

Cutts Island

Normally 8 mooring buoys; only 1 buoy found in place for 2020

Quarter Master Yacht Club

The yacht club, located in Quartermaster’s inner harbor, has a pumpout open to the general boating public at no charge; pumpout is available at the end of their fairway.

Swantown Marina

Swantown Marina Fuel Dock in Olympia now has two pumpout stations; located at the end of A-Dock.


PumpMeOut is now SOS-Sanitation Offloading (877-767-6862)

Shilshole Bay

Fuel Dock phone number is 206-783-7555

Salmon Bay Marina

The Port of Seattle now owns and operates Salmon Bay Marina. Fishermen’s Terminal staff manage the marina and respond to calls and email (206-787-3395).

Lake Union

There is a water runway marked with lighted buoys on Lake Union. The buoys are strung in a line north of MOHAI and the Center for Wooden Boats. They are equipped with flashing lights that can be triggered by pilots signifying a float plane is about to take off or land in the water runway area. 

Poulsbo - Longship Marine

If you pull into Poulsbo and drop the hook in Liberty Bay looking to run up the hill to Longship Marine don’t be stunned when you walk up to the front door…and realize that it’s been turned into a cute touristy housewares store.  Someone bought the building and gave Longship Marine a very short time period to move out. But there’s good news, the owners found a new spot in an historic building right next door, and they are now in the middle of remodeling it so they can re-open Longship Marine.  The best part of the new location is that the basement level where they’ll put the marine store is facing the marina….so it will be an even shorter walk from the dinghy dock.  Still no hard date for the grand Re-opening, but it shouldn’t be much longer. Folks can follow Longship Marine on Facebook to find out when they’ll be up and running.”

Longbranch Marina

 Contact for Katie Harrison, Dockmaster, is 253-202-2056


Point Roberts

The new phone number for Breakwaters Bar & Grill (formerly the Compass Rose Bar & Grill) above the docks at Point Roberts is (360) 945-2628. Point Roberts Race Week, a new sailing race and venue, is held in mid-July.


Dockton Park

Portions of the docks at Dockton Park in Quartermaster Harbor will be closed during renovation from July 27 through September 2020. The upland play area and picnic shelter will be closed due to work activity July 27-September. The Dockton Forest Trails remain open. Boat launch and parking lot remain open. Access to shore is by dinghy or kayak.


No Discharge in Puget Sound

It is illegal to discharge black water anywhere in Puget Sound by State law. The No Discharge Zone extends for all of Washington area Puget Sound waters up to the Canadian border. This law is a good reminder for no discharge. Compliance means using an approved sanitation device and having through-hull valves secured with wire ties or zip ties. Coast Guard inspections already look for secure thru hull valves to comply with the Federal No Discharge policy as part of their random safety inspections. It is illegal to discharge (treated and untreated) black water sewage. Gray water is not included in the regulation, gray water from onboard sinks and showers.