Gulf Islands and Strait of Georgia

Maple Bay

Birds Eye Cove Marina – has been taken off the market. The fuel dock remains closed. Transient moorage space is available on a 24-hour notice.

Pages Marina

Page’s Marina is remodeling their office to offer a small convenience store together with their well-regarded bookstore. Gloria and Ken Hatfield continue to improve and enhance this marina. 

Saltspring Marina

Saltspring Marina in Ganges is currently under construction; dock construction is anticipated to continue through much of the summer; call the marina for the current status.

Goldstream Boathouse

A new store is currently under construction at Goldstream Boathouse, anticipated to be completed sometime during the 2019 cruising season.


49th Parallel Market at 3055 Oak Street makes deliveries for a small fee to the docks; call 250-246-3551.

Fuel Service at Jones Marine Services is closed due to a fire in early 2018; plans to permit and rebuild are in the works, anticipated to be completed for the 2020 boating season.

Silva Bay Marina

Silva Bay Marina, no pub for 2019. Food Trucks on the premises during the summer months. The latest plans include a substantial re-development of the uplands to include a new restaurant and other resort amenities over the next several years.

Victoria Harbour

Transport Canada has created a new map for Victoria Harbour to better show boat and seaplane traffic patterns; go to to view the new map.

Lyall Harbour

Lyall Harbour Public Wharf restrooms are currently closed due to damaged pipes caused by cold winter conditions; use of the restrooms may be an issue for early season visits.

Cowichan Bay

Pier 66, previously called Dungeness Marina, now offers 200 feet of transient moorage (250-748-6789), reservations accepted. Genoa Bay & Cowichan Bay – the Water Shuttle (Greylag Boat Tours/Genoa Shuttle) between Genoa and Cowichan is no longer operating.

Telegraph Harbour

Saturday Farmers’ Market now held at Howling Wolf Farm at the corner of Marina Dr. and Pilkey Point Rd.

Thetis Island Resort & Marina

Improvements have taken place at the marina, including a new patio area, a refurbished deck for the pub, and newly painted/stained finishes on the outside of the main building. New owner, Wayne Proctor, is planning for future improvements.

  • Pender Island
  1. Otter Bay, North Pender Is. – Otter Bay Marina is experiencing a large volume of visitors; online reservations are highly recommended during the peak summer season. Four buoys belonging to Otter Bay Marina are used for additional transient moorage when vacated by the permanent tenant. Call ahead for reservations and availability. They do have long term moorage available this year. 12 months annual and 8 month winter moorage.
  2. Hope Bay Public Wharf, North Pender Is. – Philly’s Diner at Hope Bay has closed; a chocolate shop is a new addition at Hope Bay.
  3. Port Browning, North Pender Is. – Pub/Restaurant at Port Browning Marina open daily; the new Bistro is open on Saturdays and Sundays for Buffet Breakfast 9 am to noon and open for dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm; plans to install new docks in the fall of 2018 have been canceled.

Saltspring Marina

SS MARINA LTD. is pleased to announce that construction has begun on an expanded all-new marina. The new marina at the head of Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island will consist of a 5-meter wide outer dock anchored with an environmentally sensitive flexible anchoring system, and a 3-meter wide main spine that will cover Money Makers Rock, eliminating a boating hazard which has endangered many vessels over the years. The marina will be certified as Clean Marine. The new marina will accommodate a variety of boat lengths, up-to-date 30-amp and 50-amp electrical service, potable water, and a mobile pump-out station. The boat launch will remain available to the boating public throughout construction and beyond. Moby’s Pub and all upland retail will remain open during the construction of the marina. The new marina will have only 1200 linear feet dedicated to local boats, limited by parking regulations. Dredging will take place following demolition, in preparation for the outer dock to be delivered and installed in late summer of 2019. Boaters should call ahead to check on the status of the construction and moorage availability.

Dodd Narrows Securité– When Not to Announce

During the prime cruising season, twice a day around slack water at Dodd Narrows, Channel 16 is filled with Securité announcements from traffic passing through the Narrows. Many of these announcements are transmitted with the boat’s VHF radio on 25-watt “High Power” instead of the proper 1-watt “Low Power” setting.

For many years, the Waggoner Cruising Guide included a note suggesting that boaters might announce their movement in Dodd Narrows with a Securité call (on low power). While we still recommend using VHF 16 and Securité announcements for safety purposes, the 2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide’s revised write-up for Dodd Narrows passage suggests that boaters limit their announcements to vessels that only pose a safety concern for others. Take a moment to read the following copy of the 2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide’s revised Dodd Narrows information.


Dodd Narrows. Currents in Dodd Narrows run to 9 knots as water swirls through the narrow deep passage between cliffs. The narrows are best taken at slack water. For the hour or so before the predicted turn, boats collect at each end waiting for the right time. These boats include commercial craft, even tugboats with log tows or large barges, so the period around slack water can get pretty interesting. Generally, the boats on the upstream side go first, catching the last of the dying fair current. When they are through, boats on the other end go through, picking up the beginnings of the new (for them) fair current. It all works well as long as no one gets impatient. Vessels will be transiting in both directions during and around slack periods. Check for traffic by viewing AIS targets on both sides of the narrows and listen on VHF 16 for Securité calls from traffic that might pose a safety concern for other vessels. Tugboats with log tows and large commercial vessels will typically announce their intentions on VHF 16. In recent years, VHF 16 has been flooded with Securité calls from boats that may not need to announce themselves, so if your boat does not pose a safety concern for others, there is no need to make a Securité call. If you do make a call, be sure to use 1-watt low power. Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t try to pass a slower boat. Dodd Narrows is short. Travel single-file and leave room between your boat and the boat ahead and share the channel with opposing direction traffic.