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The theatre, built by Norman and Hazel Clyde in 1937, is easy to find. From the docks at South Whidbey Harbor follow Wharf St. and take the sidewalk up the hill. It’s about a 3-minute walk to the top. There, the road connects to 1st St. Take a right and continue to 217 1st St. The Clyde Theatre will be on your left.

A Bit About The Clyde Theatre

In 1972, Blake Willeford became the second owner of The Clyde Theatre. Forty-three years later, Willeford and his wife Lynn have managed the historic cinema longer than its original owners. In 2014, their son Brook became part of the management team. The Clyde family consists of part-time employees and volunteers, some have been there for decades.

The Clyde Theatre is the only movie theater in South Whidbey and Whidbeites often gather in the back of the theater before the show to socialize. It seats 250 people, and around a dozen balcony seats are reserved for adults. Over 100 films are shown each year and include mainstream, independent and documentary. You won’t find any action or violent centered movies or pre-show ads.

Updates at The Clyde Theatre include an extensive seismic retrofit, Dolby Digital Sound and a commercial-quality digital projector and BluRay DVD player.

Their website lists current and future movies. And, if you decide within the first 15-minutes that the movie is not for you, let the staff at the concession stand know, and they’ll give you a movie pass.