Our readers have been asking about the current status regarding boating during the Covid-19 pandemic – the “Stay-at-Home Directive” applies to boating activities. The Canada/US border is closed to all non-essential travel. Washington State Parks and BC Parks have closed their facilities and services, and Washington State DNR lands and services are also closed. Many marinas in Washington State and British Columbia are closed to guest moorage, or are in the process of closing. Most of the Fuel docks remain open and are considered a necessity for essential commercial vessel activity. Pleasure vessels may use the fuel docks, but be prepared to follow policies, such as a limit on the number of boats/people allowed to purchase fuel at one time.

The March 25th “Stay-at-Home Directive” applies to all non-essential travel. BC as well as Washington State have issued “Stay-at-Home Directives.” It is important that we all do what is needed to stop this pandemic. The sooner we stay home, the sooner we can get back to boating. We all love being out on the water, but now is not the time. We don’t want to place additional burdens on first-responders and emergency services, attending to boaters that find themselves in trouble.

The good news is that this will pass with time. As things start to open up, check back at waggonerguide.com for the current status regarding border crossings, the reopening of marinas, and access to marine parks.