I just recently received my 2013 Waggoner Cruising Guide and I am enjoying it thoroughly! I’m a bit laid up at the moment after breaking an achilles tendon so I have LOTS of time to catch up on reading and updating my boating library. My 2010 Guide is a bit “dog-eared” after lots of studying and referencing your very valuable information on ports and things to do around the Pacific Northwest. I’m rather landlocked here in Montana but I am looking forward to chartering in and around the San Juans this summer or next. Most of my serious boating has been with friends on the Chesapeake Bay out of Virginia and Maryland.

The reason for this contact, beyond passing on my high praise for this super book, is to ask about the land-bridge separating “Hood Canal Lake” from the ocean. Just kidding but I did have to go find another chart when I got to Page 83 and started examining Hood Canal. This will be a tough portage for boats too big for trailering.

Keep up the great work and again my compliments on creating a book that is both an enjoyable read AND a superb reference for cruising the Pac NW.

Dave Elliott

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