We anchored way back in the cove of Codville Lagoon this last Saturday night, looking for a bomb-proof hole given the 45 to 50 knot winds forecast. To our surprise, Codville got a fair bit of wind… 30 knots with gusts to 35 blowing right in the entrance and back into the cove at the back. We were the only boat there and our anchor held fine, but I was a bit surprised by the strength of it. Naturally, as with all such winds, it came at O Dark 30 along with driving rain.

I guess bomb-proof shelter is all relative—it was probably really nasty outside, but you might want to mention that the wind can get in there to ensure people don’t become overconfident of its protection and anchor on too short a scope or not set well enough. As it is, the tide was high which meant 70 feet to the bottom, and swinging room gets a bit challenging in that back cove.

But, the cove and lagoon served us well, given we were the only boat. Thanks for highlighting the place in your guide. Loved it.

John and Deb Marshall
Nordhavn 55 Serendipity
(Headed to Alaska, Lowe Inlet in Grenville Channel tonight)


We appreciate the cruisers who send us their experiences. They make the Waggoner better for all of us.

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  • Robert Muir

    We also had a very gusty night one time all the way in the back of Codville. It just depends on the direction of the blow. Some boats had a much better night anchoring just inside the outside entrance in the south cove. Of course if the wind had clocked around to the north, then they might have had more trouble.