CBSA has officially announced the relaxed August 9th entry provisions for vaccinated Americans at Marine entry points in addition to the previously announced arrival by Land and Air.

 CBSA Marine (Private Boat) Border Entry Points Open August 9th:

Canadian Border Services Agency has announced the addition of Marine border entry points to the previously announced August 9th relaxed entry provisions at Land and Air entry points. Effective August 9th, permanent residents of the U.S. that are currently residing in the U.S. and have been fully vaccinated are permitted to enter Canada for non-essential purposes by Land, Air, and Sea.

U.S. travelers entering for non-essential reasons on or after August 9th, must provide proof of vaccination through the ArriveCAN app before arrival, along with a quarantine plan in the event of illness. Vaccinations must have been received 14 days prior to arrival into Canada. Travelers need to be asymptomatic upon arrival and present a negative Covid virus molecular test taken in the U.S. within 72 hours of arrival for marine entry points. Travelers at land and air entry points will be randomly selected for Covid testing. Random covid testing will not be done at marine entry points. Different Provinces may have additional requirements and/or restrictions.

For more details, see the CBSA website.

NEXUS – Clearing When All Aboard Have Nexus

Clearing into Canada – Reporting to Canadian Customs by telephoning the NEXUS telephone reporting line at 1-866-996-3987 is currently NOT AVAILABLE.

Clearing into U.S. – If all aboard have Nexus, I-68, or Global Entry, and you have nothing to declare, boaters may report arrival into U.S. waters and request clearance by contacting the Small Boat Reporting Center at 1-800-562-5943.

Transit-Through and Pass-Through Remain Available

Non-essential travelers may still enter Canada to transit between two US locations as long as the travel is direct and expeditious. Boats may still Transit-Through British Columbia with rest period anchoring stops, for fuel stops, and provisioning stops; OR by non-stop Pass-Through (see our earlier article ) A Covid test is not required when making a Transit-Through or Pass-Through of Canadian waters. Boaters who have declared their Transit-Through or Pass-Through plan cannot change their plans later for the purpose of touring or exploring BC destinations – you must stick with the Transit/Pass-Through plan as declared.

U.S. Citizens/Residents Returning Home to U.S:

Citizens/residents of the U.S. returning back to the United States by Sea (private vessel) are not required to present a negative Covid virus test. U.S. citizens returning home by Air must present a negative Covid test.

U.S. Border:

The U.S. Government announced on July 20 that the border closure for international residents arriving by Land or Sea for non-essential purposes has been extended through September 21st.

Latest Updates:

  • CBSA Customs entry points have been busy; CBSA officers have been helpful and efficient in the face of heavy volume; plan extra time for clearance.
  • ArriveCAN App was updated on August 9th – be sure you have the latest version of the App.
  • CBSA requires negative Covid test results from test taken in the U.S. within 72 hours of arrival. The test must be submitted electronically; the initial paper receipts are not sufficient.
  • Testing sites near Washington/B.C. entry points have been very busy, schedule and plan ahead.
  • Testing sites in SE Alaska are in Ketchikan at the Airport and the Alaska Marine Line Ferry terminal.