We just used your guide again while touring the San Juans and the Gulf Islands. Do you take updates from your faithful readers? If so, we have a couple!

Thanks much,
Joni Renn


Hi, Joni,

Thanks for your note. And yes, we encourage updates from our readers. The goal is for the Waggoner to be as useful as possible for our fellow boaters. We visit a huge percentage of the facilities each year, but our readers see things we don’t see, and things can change between the time of our visit and the time the book goes to the printer. Several readers send cruise notes (sometimes very detailed cruise notes) each year, and their help has been important.

Don’t assume that we know about a change. I’d far rather have 10 readers tell me something I already know, than miss a change or development we should include.

As you read the Waggoner, you’ll probably note that we like credit our sources. People appreciate being recognized for their contributions, and it gets me off the hook in case something is wrong. We don’t always give credit, however. If the flow of the text would be hurt, we feel it’s more important to stick with the information. No one has ever complained about how they were treated, however.

So tell us what you’ve learned.

Bob Hale

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