The Survival Food HandbookDo you plan to be on the boat this summer for extended periods in remote locations? Do you want to be more prepared for when the stove goes on the fritz or the freezer fails?  Or maybe, you have a cabin, or live in a part of Washington or Canada that experiences power outages during the windy, winter months?

Janet Groene, creator of BoatCook, and an avid traveler and freelance writer has spent time off the grid boating in the Bahamas and RV’ing in the boondocks. She’s experienced breakdowns, loss of power and unexpected delays. Her book, The Survival Food Handbook, helps you figure out how to stock your shelves and be prepared for those “easy-to-make meals under any circumstances.”

Book Review: The Survival Food Handbook by Janet Groene

“This book isn’t about buying a year’s supply of MREs to squirrel away and forget. It’s about enjoying nutritious, varied and attractive meals every day, even under difficult circumstances,” said Groene.

The introductory chapter starts off with the basics of how to use the book and gives useful tips for protecting stored foods and a glossary of shelf-stable items. The following three chapters are dedicated to buying food staples, extending their life and how much you need to buy. Groene offers a variety of useful suggestions like stocking lentils and split peas because they do not need to be presoaked and have a short cook time, buying green bananas for long-term trips and putting your milk and meat in the proper refrigerator zones.

The next eight chapters are dedicated to recipes and covers all the meal times. Some examples are:

  • Breakfast- Ramen Omelet for Two, Glazed Ham Pancakes and Butterscotch Breakfast Bowl
  • Bread – Basic Yeast Bread, Crumpets, Chickpea Crackers
  • Soup-Bully Beef Soup, Deep Sea Soup with Dumplings and Salmon Apple Skillet
  • Salad – Tuscany Tuna Salad, Asian Rice Salad, Rice and Bean Salad Your way
  • Sides– Almond Rice, Pineapple Nut Stuffing, Red Cabbage Slaw
  • Sauces – Apricot Sauce, Quickstep Caramel Frosting, Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Dinner- Brunswick Stew, Shortcut Cincinnati Chili, and Chickenacho Casserole
  • Desert – Apple Brown Betty, Applesauce Skillet Cake, and Butterscotch Popcorn
  • Snacks – Sugarplum Gorp, Salmon Gorp, Asian Occasion Popcorn

After looking through the recipes, I would say they all look easy to make and provision for. Some have a mixture of fresh and stable ingredients like breakfast Rice Wedgies that use fresh eggs along with rice, canned green chilies, pimentos, cheese, and spices.

The last chapter of the book offers suggestions on what to do when the freezer fails, and what provisions are salvageable from a fire or flood. At the end is an Appendix that lists useful pantry items you might want to have on hand like a pressure cooker, a campfire corn popper, and rain barrel, as well as, the pros and cons for each. There are also tips for solar cooking, three ways to cook rice, recipe substitutions, and a full-page dedicated to recommended resources.

The Survival Food Handbook

Book Review: The Survival Food Handbook by Janet Groene

Overall, The Survival Food Handbook is a very practical and easy to follow book with first-hand expertise. It offers useful provisioning tips, storage-savvy, and a variety of off-the-shelf recipes to help any cook be prepared for any condition.

6″ x 9″
Paperback: 154 pages
ISBN 9780071837217

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