America's Cup

If you love the B.C. Coast, you’ll likely enjoy reading Yvonne Maximchuk’s new book, Drawn to Sea. You may know of Yvonne through her art and her collaboration with Billy Proctor on the book Full Moon, Flood Tide. Drawn to Sea is Yvonne’s personal story of her life, her art, her family, and the friends around her.

She has always been drawn to nature and found her additional calling in the sea. If you cruise in the Broughtons, you will recognize many of the people in this book. The story of the people and how they live is fascinating and so different from many of us who live in more urban areas.

From Full Moon, Flood Tide, we knew Yvonne fished with Billy Proctor. In Drawn to the Sea, we learn more about their unique relationship and their love for nature and the sea.   Billy is one of the heroes of this story, a mentor and seemingly always there when someone needs help. Billy is the soul of this area of the coast and it is interesting to read of their adventures together. His contributions to her art, by exposing her to places and experiences one would not normally see, add to his legend.

Her story gives insight into the fury of the sea when fishing with Billy on the West Coast of B.C. or Haida Gwaii. You learn about the rock in her life, her husband Albert, and how they cope with the challenges of building a home in the wilderness.

America's Cup

A sample of Maximchuk’s work.

The book tells of living and raising a family on a float home in a remote area. It explores how despite varying circumstances, people are remarkably alike. It examines the bonds in the Broughtons; how neighbors help each other, socialize and revel in their unique lifestyle.

If you have cruised, or intend to cruise through the Broughton Islands, you will enjoy this story of her life and the people of the coast. Yvonne, in addition to being a talented painter and potter, is a talented writer. Through her art, she often captures the colorful life around Echo Bay and Shoal Harbour. She has captured nature at its finest. Through this book, you will understand the lens she uses to see nature and the world around her.

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– Mark Bunzel


Drawn to Sea
Paintbrush to Chainsaw, Carving Out a Life on BC’s Rugged Raincoast
By Yvonne Maximchuk
272 Pages, $24.95
Caitlin Press

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