What were the big changes at Dent Island Lodge and Morgan’s Landing?

There was a lot of curiosity when the word went out last fall that the main building at Dent Island Lodge was being torn down and a new building would be in place for the 2018 season. That quick, really? The old building came down September 15, 2017, and an entirely new building was built over the winter in an area where everything for construction needs to be brought in by water. Quite an undertaking in logistics and labor.

Well, they did it and in late June 2018, the new Dent Island Lodge opened for guests. What is it like? Many might pull up to the beautiful docks (unchanged) and look up to see an attractive wood lodge that appears somewhat like the old building. But, you’ll then notice two-tiered decks on the outside. Once you step inside (pretty much where you entered the old lodge), the impact of the interior is immediately apparent and you can’t help but admire its design. We have a feeling that people will soon forget what the very comfortable old lodge looked like and embrace the new lodge for the owners, managers, and architects did a masterful job of creating a new lodge that takes advantage of the gorgeous views, adds more space, yet still maintains its comfortable connection with the local surroundings.

The NEW Dent Island Lodge

The new building is 7,000 sq. feet compared to the old building at 4,000 sq. feet, but you cannot immediately tell. There is more space for the dining room, a separate area for private events and everything visually flows down to the decks and towards the large windows. Behind the scenes, the new kitchen would delight any chef or kitchen staff with plenty of room to prepare the fine dining food the Dent Island Lodge is known for. 

The library is almost in the same area it used to be, and includes a beautiful fireplace to sit around and socialize. Here too, everything flows to the views and the views are now in both directions flowing out to the rapids of Canoe Passage. The ceilings are higher and I am sure the windows are larger, but its intimacy is not lost. The space feels just right, inviting and warm, not crowded and perfect for chatting. 

Overall, the lodge is a masterful rebuild and worth stopping in for breakfast or lunch (with reservations). Or stay at the docks, and have a wonderful evening dining in the restaurant out on the deck (or indoors if the weather changes) or at the Rapids Outdoor Grill.

In phase 2 (during next winter), they will finish the interior details, which will probably make the rooms even be warmer. 

The Rapids Outdoor Grill is the same and a great place for a social dining experience.

Moorage and Fishing Charters at Dent Island Lodge

Moorage rates have not changed and are still a premium $4 per foot in the high season. The docks fill up and reservations for moorage are highly recommended. I might also add, the salmon were biting nearby and many anglers were limiting out. Consider a fishing charter while you are there. Resort manager Justin is still offering his jet boat excursions when the tides and currents are running. This $85 ride is an incredible experience you will not forget. You can see wildlife, the tidal rapids in the area, and even look down into the giant whirlpools as Justin maneuvers expertly in the currents of Dent Rapids running at full strength. 

Dent Island Lodge is something special in this remote area. Service, great staff, excellent docks in one of the most beautiful locations on the entire coast. We highly recommend you stop by on your next time through.

Other News on Dent Island

Fisherman’s Landing (formerly Morgan’s Landing)

Renovations have also been underway at Fisherman’s Landing on Dent Island, with more to come. The spacious new docks are in and have power and water. The dock space will be expanded to a total of 900 feet for next season with plans for a fuel dock and a seafood restaurant. The new owner is looking to make this a premier destination. Bob and Jode Morgan still manage the resort and are providing guide services in the area. It is great to see the investment in this area and we look forward to seeing it again next season with the restaurant and fuel dock. The old phone number still works but the new phone number and email is: 250-202-0187 and fishermanslanding@hotmail.com. We recommend you make a reservation for moorage.