Curious about current marine weather conditions in Canada? Or required emergency equipment? Want to report tsunami debris? Need to find a VHF channel for calling another boat? All this information and more is now available quickly and easily on your iPhone. Best of all, it’s free!

Safe Boating App

Safe Boating’s splash page.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue has developed a Safe Boating app to help answer questions from boaters and make boating safer.

Safe Boating App

VHF channel information is easy to access.

We downloaded it, and were impressed with the amount of information available. Users can file float plans, get weather info, and check which VHF channels are used by different types of boats.

Here’s a list of capabilities:

  • Voyage planning resources
  • Tide, current, wind and weather information
  • Emergency procedures and distress signal information
  • Emergency radio communication procedures including sample recordings
  • VHF marine radio channel listings for Canada – Pacific
  • Contact information for non-emergency vessel assistance
  • Safety equipment and navigation light requirements
  • Equipment checklists
  • Basic maritime collision regulations
  • Hazard to shipping and tsunami debris reporting using the iPhone’s GPS and camera
  • Conversion calculator for fueling

Download the app for free here.

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