The latest edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide is full of updates and new additions, with a professional new design and graphic elements throughout. “After a challenging year of boating due to Covid-19 restrictions and border closures, many important changes and new developments have come about for boaters,” said Mark Bunzel, publisher of the Waggoner Guide. The 2022 guide carries a new design feature to help navigate and present timely updates. “Our goal has always been to serve the reader and provide access to the latest information on our website. We have added a technology feature to the Waggoner to quickly access the latest updates for each cruising area,” Bunzel added. The 2022 edition, which will start appearing in stores and available to order online in early December, features QR codes in each chapter to quickly access the latest information throughout the cruising season, including the status of borders, marinas, and special notices.

“A user of the guidebook can now point their smartphone at the opening page for a chapter, say the Gulf Islands, and be immediately taken to the list of updates for that area” said Co-Managing Editor, Leonard Landon. People have gotten used to pointing their smartphone at QR codes in restaurants for touchless menus. “We realized we could use the same technology for updates to the Waggoner Guide with no need to type in a cumbersome URL to get the latest information,” said Lorena Landon, the Co-Managing Editor. Now we can offer the latest updates with a quick connection to an online resource. While this won’t work in those areas with limited cell phone data coverage, the Inside Passage has seen improved cell service in recent years.

Another highlight of the 2022 Waggoner is this year’s nautical theme. The 2022 Waggoner Cruising Guide carries the theme of “Wild About Wildlife.” This special editorial feature includes interesting facts about the many animals, birds, and marine life we enjoy while out boating. You will find these wildlife stories throughout the book for each cruising area – why are raccoons so smart? How do whales sleep? And many other interesting side articles about wildlife.

The new Southeast Alaska chapter, which was added to last year’s edition, has sparked renewed interest and positive feedback from boaters, who want to cruise farther north. The 2022 edition of the Waggoner further expands the coverage area of Southeast Alaska, a boating dream destination for so many. New destinations and anchorages have also been added for the waters of British Columbia. The Waggoner continues to depict and describe areas of eelgrass found in many anchorages in Washington State to help protect important marine life habitat.

Numerous dock diagrams and reference maps for 2022 have been added, updated, or enhanced for greater detail. Our readers tell us that this is one of the most valued resources in the Waggoner Guide. They consult the Waggoner for both trip planning and when they approach a marina to locate their assigned slip. Dock configurations depicting numbered slips found in the Waggoner help boaters arrive with confidence.

The front of the Waggoner Guide contains vital information and reference material for Northwest boaters, including radio frequencies, rules of the road, slow-speed zones, procedures for clearing customs, and how to gather and interpret weather for safe and comfortable cruising.

Many northwest boaters consider Waggoner their reliable source for boating information. They often say they don’t leave the dock without the most current edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide on board.

Now is the time to start planning your passages for this coming summer’s boating season. The 2022 Waggoner Cruising Guide is available for $39.95 at area marine supply stores and marine book retailers. You can order online at

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