The end of the summer marks a busy time for the Waggoner Guide team as we begin the editorial process for the next edition of the Waggoner Cruising Guide. This process has many aspects, including gathering all of our important updates from editor Mark Bunzel, Lorena and Leonard Landon, and our Waggoner Guide correspondents who have been researching as they’ve cruised around our Pacific Northwest waters.

We also update photos, reference maps, and do another round of fact-checking. Everyone involved is an essential part of our process so we can have the next edition on shelves by the holidays and giving boaters a head start on their cruising plans for the upcoming year.

What kind of updates can you expect for 2019?

  • Many important updates in each chapter.
  • New and updated reference maps.
  • New anchorages have been added to West Coast Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii chapters along with re-writes for new material.
  • New procedures for customs.
  • New public mooring buoys at Cowichan Bay.
  • Readers will also find more information in the front section (chapter 1) that help boaters prepare for their cruise, including reference material covering weather, fishing permits, and cruising permits.

What’s the theme for 2019?

How many of us have wondered what took place on an island, or village in earlier times? Our theme for the 2019 Waggoner Cruising Guide is ‘Nautical Tales through the Eyes of the Past.’

We think boaters will enjoy learning something about the history of the places we visit and bring a whole new appreciation and perspective for our many cherished boating destinations. We will include a list of must-read 15 non-fiction books that are both fascinating and enlightening. You might even hear yourself say, “I didn’t know that!”

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Has it really been 25 years?!

Speaking of history, 2019 is the 25th Anniversary of the Waggoner Cruising Guide! Over the years, it has proved to be the most concise and comprehensive information for boaters cruising the Pacific Northwest.

The Waggoner name is taken in honor of the “Waggoners” published in the late 1500’s by Dutch pilot, Lucas Waghenaer. He published a volume of principles, charts, and sailing directions in Dutch, German, Latin, and English, used by sailors of the time. The modern-day Waggoner Cruising Guide, updated each year, carries on the tradition of valuable information and resources for today’s mariners.

We think you’ll love the 2019 edition and look forward to seeing you at the Seattle Boat Show, starting January 25, 2019.